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Have you ever been standing in line at the store only to be attracted to a certain fragrance worn by a woman? Fragrances always smell different on different types of skin. For some reason, some women have a warmer skin that is perfect for musk perfumes, Asian, or deep woodsy scents while other women have cooler skin that works better with floral or lighter type fragrances.

For your wedding, you want to smell exotic, romantic, but not overpowering. To help you choose the right fragrance for your upcoming wedding, we have provided you with some valuable information to make the process of choosing much easier.

First, you will choose between cologne and perfume. The difference is that while each contains alcohol, water, and oils for fragrance, the level of these is what determines the type. For example, perfume is pure and therefore, more expensive. However, while many types of cologne smell wonderful and will last a long time, they are on the lower end so less expensive. Now, if you were to buy eau de toilette, you would find that it contained less oil.

An excellent type of fragrance for a wedding is something light and airy. Remember, you do not want the fragrance to be competing with anything, just complementing your gown, hair, jewelry, and so on. Therefore, you would choose a crisp fragrance, one that will linger but not overwhelm. A few excellent options include Pleasures, Miracle, Chanel No. 5, or Champs Elyses.

Now, if those types of fragrances simply do not work well with your warm skin, then you can still choose a light fragrance such as Tuscany per Donna, Opium, Red Door, or Samara. Now, if you go with a deeper fragrance, be sure you apply only a small amount in that these tend to be stronger.

The one problem that most brides will agree to is that while the fragrance is perfect at the beginning of the ceremony, by the time the reception begins, the fragrance has faded. The two best options is to use perfume, which has more fragrance oil, and then apply it to a small cotton square that can be tucked into your bra. This will keep the fragrance next to the skin and warm, thus keeping the scent fresh.

If you are not sure the type of fragrance for you, head out to your local department store and ask for samples. Now, the best places to test these are on the wrist and the inside, bend of the elbow. Just be sure not to try too many on at once or you will get the fragrances confused.

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