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For your special day, you want your hair and makeup to be perfect. After all, as the bride, this is your day to look like a princess. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to ensure your hair and makeup is the best they have ever been. While you have many choices, consider the following to create an unforgettable look.


Create soft curls is an excellent way to look sensual and romantic. The nice thing about wearing curls is that they can work with any type of hair color, length, and texture. If you want a soft wavy look, then a silicone-based cream or curl-enhancing gel would be the best choice. Simply apply while the hair is still wet and then take about one-quarter inch pieces of hair and wrap them around your finger. All you have to do is hold it for about 30 seconds. The result will be a beautiful curl. Simply continue around until all the hair is done.

Healthy Skin

Next, before you apply any makeup for your wedding, you need to be sure your skin has been prepared. Several months before your wedding date, start a daily cleansing regimen to help clean and soften the skin. Products such as benzoyl peroxide or alpha-hydroxy will help to clean the pores.

Then, be sure you use a quality moisturizing cream so that lines fade and the skin has a nice even tone. By preparing the skin first, your makeup will appear much more radiant. You will also feel better about the way you look so take time to go through this process. Keep in mind that it is important you not start a new skincare program just before the wedding. Often, as the skin is cleansed, breakouts can occur but by doing this several months out, the sin will have time to clear up.

You will be amazed at just how amazing your skin will look and feel simply be getting on a good daily cleaning schedule. Other things to include in the regimen include hydrating masks, which also help keep the pores clean. Finally, when you do apply your makeup, choose a quality foundation that is oil-based so any tears will slide right down the cheeks.


The most important thing you want to focus on is the eyes. On your wedding day, you want your eyes to be bright and alert, and be the one thing that shines. By drinking plenty of water for months prior to the wedding, using good moisturizer, getting plenty of sleep, and wearing colors and makeup type that compliments your eyes, they will.

One tip to help your eyes look fresh is to apply concealer under the eyes and then apply a soft foundation on top. This will help cover any flaws and lines, making your eyes appear rested. Then, take a soft black pencil and create a series of dots between the eyelashes. What this does is create the appearance of heavier lashes that are rich and full.

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