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Wedding Hair Styles

All brides reach a point of needing to make a decision regarding their hair. You will find that some brides prefer to have their hair up while some will wear it down. The hairstyle you decide on will be based on a number of factors to include the style of your dress and headpiece, the theme of the wedding, your hair type, and personal preference. For instance, if your wedding gown has a scoop or low-cut neckline, then soft curls around your shoulder or an up do would be perfect. However, if your collar were high, then an up do would be best.

Traditional hairstyles continue to be very popular but several particular styles remain among the most popular. First, if you plan to have a traditional or formal wedding, choosing a cameo hairstyle would be a great choice. To accomplish this, you would spray hair that has had gel applied and then create tight curls at the base. The remaining hair is pulled up into a large, round crown, held in place with bobby pins. In most cases, you would attach a veiled headpiece to the crown, allowing the tendrils to pull freely from the sides.

Many brides love the elegant and sophisticated look found from the Hollywood glamour style. To accomplish this look, you can pull all of the hair except what will be used to frame the face into a topknot. Using hair elastic that can be hidden with hair, the topknot is held into place. This creates a nice bun and then the rest of the hair is swept back into it. The result is that you see beautiful contrasting streaks and with the veil attached to the base of the bun, the look is very glamorous.

A third choice that many brides love is one that is ideal for short hair. For this style, the hair is teased to give it some body and then smoothed back and pinned so an oval shape is accomplished. Then using a curling iron, small curls are made around the front of the veil, which is fastened using bobby pins of the same hair color.

Most brides love to look romantic and creating a look of large, pin curls and a chignon, you can create this look. Again, lightly tease the hair, keeping it parted on the right side. Next, the hair at the crown will be divided into several different sections, which are then looped over to the left in flat curls. These curls will then be fastened using bobby pins and the back portion of the hair pulled back into a ponytail located low. This ponytail is then fastened with elastic that is covered with lace, ribbon, or fabric matching the gown.

Finally, if you want a fairytale look, you can roll your hair with medium rollers. For the best results, make sure your hair is damp and then once rolled, set under a dryer. Once the rollers are removed, you will use a wide bristle brush to brush the curls out loosely, being careful not to pull the actual curl out and then twist the hair up and pin it. To complete the look, simply work with the curls until a tousled look has been achieved.

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