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Wedding Headpiece Choice

Traditionally, when people think of the bride, they think of a long, flowing wedding gown and veil. While many brides continue wearing the more traditional headpiece with veil, todays options are much more varied. You will find choices that include combs, tiaras, headbands, and more.

For your wedding, the best place to start is by talking to your hairdresser. This person knows your hair and that coupled with the style of gown, type of wedding, season of the wedding, and personal preferences can create something thatwill look magnificent. Just remember that no matter what type of headpiece you choose, you want it to complement the gown and not overwhelm it or you. It should be soft and serve as an accent piece to frame your face.

Work with your stylist on the way you plan to wear your hair. If you want it up, then certain headpieces would work best whereas wearing it down might change some of those options. Just like with your wedding gown and the bridal party gowns, look at magazines to get some ideas of what you like. You might even consider taking a day with your Brides Maid and simply visit various bridal shops to try different headpieces on.

The one question most brides ask, especially after having tried on headpieces, is how long the headpiece will be worn. Although beautiful, after having the headpiece attached for a while, it will probably become uncomfortable. For this reason, you might consider a headpiece that detaches. This way, when you head to the reception to dance and visit with family and friends, you will not have to worry about the headpiece.

The other question is how the headpiece stays on. Typically, the hairdresser will use bobby pins or some type of plastic or elastic holders to secure the headpiece safely. Remember, your hairdresser has probably attached many headpieces in his or her career and knows exactly what to do. If not, then you might ask your hairdresser for a recommendation, just this once.

Choosing your hairpiece does come down to personal choice. Some brides like something simple and elegant, some prefer to have fresh flowers intertwined with ribbon, and others like headpieces that are very ornate, including embellishments such as pearls and crystals. If you already have your headpiece and it is simple but now you want it embellished, you can use real flowers or those made of silk, use gold or silver bobby pins instead of the normal type, or have a string of pearls attached to the crown.

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