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Makeup Color Overview

Choosing the right color of makeup for your special day is one of the most important things you can do. After all, you want your makeup to complement and enhance, not appear clownish. By choosing makeup colors that are natural, you will appear much more elegant and radiant. As you will see from the information below, making the choices is not difficult, once you know what looks best.

First, when you choose the color of your foundation, you want to choose what matches your skin tone best, not the color that would match you hair. Now, if you have darker skin, then you could get by with colors that are brighter whereas if you have fair skin, you want to go with more subdued colors.

While eye shadow colors such as smoky gray or chocolate brown are great choices, you want to stay away from black and white. These two are much too harsh for a wedding. Instead, you are looking for something with depth but a little softer to enhance the eyes.

If you are now sure what color eye shadow works best for you, try some different variations. For example, people with red hair generally stick with a certain color palette, which is fine but for this special day, you might consider reaching outside your normal colors to find something that brightens your eyes and complements your hair color.

Obviously, there are some colors are that just a big no-no regardless of your skin tone or hair color. Bright pinks, blues, or greens should always be avoided. These are simply too harsh. Instead, you can choose a soft gray/blue, soft mauve and brown, or subtle green and gray. Additionally, to help you choose the right foundation, consider these tips for things you want to avoid:
  • Deep olive or black skin Pastels and dark dray

  • Fair skin Olive, khakis, slate blue, or deep plum

  • Tawny Blonde Hair Scarlet or peacock blue

  • Fair skin with auburn hair Peach and aqua

  • White skin and bright red hair Reddish blue, fuchsia, and orange
Just remember that if you are going to experiment with color and technique, you want to do this several weeks before the wedding day, and not the actual day of your wedding.

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