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Wedding Teeth Whitening

For your wedding day, you want to look the best you can look. Although the brides gown will be the focal point, and the grooms tuxedo checked, the two things that will get the most attention are the eyes and the teeth. For the eyes, you want to be sure you get plenty of rest prior to the wedding so they will be bright and cheery. However, for the teeth, you need to plan further out to ensure you have a beautiful, white smile.

Even if you have a beautiful smile, you can never have teeth that are too white. Just imagin standing in front of all your family members and friends with the biggest and brightest smile. Not only will you look amazing, but you will feel much more confident. The good news is that achieving the white smile that you want is not hard nor is it expensive.

Remember, that having dull teeth is something millions of people have. Dull smiles can be from the teeth aging, from smoking, drinking coffee, and even taking certain types of medications such as tetracycline. Obviously, having a yellow or grayish tinge is not attractive but for your special wedding day, you can change all that.

First, one of the easiest and least expensive methods is purchasing an over-the-counter product. Many of these contain a type of bleaching gel that helps remove the stains. While these do help, they do not always provide the brilliant white smile that you want, especially for your wedding. However, for the $40 to $50 you would pay for this type of product, it might be worth trying. Just be sure you go this route several months out so if it does not produce the results you want, you still have time for another solution.

The best way to have your teeth cleaned, but also a more expensive option is by having your dentist perform laser cleaning. With this option, the teeth are treated for about $400 to $600 and you will generally see anywhere from six to eight shades whiter. Now keep in mind that with laser whitening, the first few days will show a significant improvement but the final results will take one to two weeks to achieve.

Although this second option is more expensive and takes a little more planning and time, the results are excellent. This way, when you face everyone on the day of your wedding, you can smile with 100% confidence.

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