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Taking the time to get fit for your upcoming wedding will not only help you look better but also feel better. You will find that being fit gives you a higher sense of confidence and comfort, which will then make you feel more at ease as you exchange wedding vows with the love of your life. Todays brides are starting on a good workout regimen as soon as they become engaged. The most important thing is to stay away from those fad diets and diet pills and start making a real change that will last a lifetime.

Your weding is the perfect opportunity to change the way you live and eat so even after the ceremony, you will go on to live a long time with the man of your dreams. Typically, brides want to lose around 20 to 30 pounds for the big day. They base this goal on the dress, paying particular attention to the arms and shoulders. Unfortunately, many brides also wait until about one to two months before the wedding to get started. You can do a lot in 12 weeks but the more time you allow yourself to get into shape, the better.

However, if you do want something you can do in 12 weeks, start by changing the way in which you eat. Cut out the sweets, the high fats, and an overload of carbohydrates. Now, remember that the body needs carbohydrates and fats to run properly. Therefore, your best bet is to go back to the old pyramid system, eating three well-balanced meals a day and one to two snacks consisting of fresh vegetables or fruits. Additionally, now is the time to stay away from fast food restaurants and start paying attention to portions.

You also want to make sure your body is being fed the proper number of calories for your body type. Many bride and grooms will limit their food intake to 600 to 1,000 calories as a means of losing weight. Sure, you will lose weight but by doing this, you are also damaging your body, steering yourself to burnout. Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to diet and nutrition is that if you crave something specific such as chocolate, chances are your body is trying to tell you that it needs more fat. Therefore, instead of eating candy, fuel the body with healthy types of fat like cheese or nuts.

In addition to changing the way you eat, you also need to become established with a good workout program. An excellent way to start is by doing something fun with your soon to be spouse. For instance, you might start hiking together, ice-skating, playing tennis or volleyball. All of these sports are both fun and a great workout. Then in addition to adding a sport into your daily life, find a gym where you alone or with your future spouse can meet three times a week to workout together. If you like, you can hire a professional trainer at a minimal cost to design a program specifically for you or you can simply start a program on your own. Additionally, do not overlook the benefit of walking. Find a nearby park, grab a water bottle, slip on some good walking shoes, and make it a daily routine.

The most important thing for both the bride and groom is to be realistic with your goals. If you expect that you will drop 20 pounds in eight weeks, then you are just setting yourself up for failure. Make your goals something that can be achieved and most of all, have fun!

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