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Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, one very important but also very fun tasks is choosing the wedding cake. The key is to choose a cake that reflects your personalities, one that falls within your budget, and a cake that takes and looks great. This decision is very important in that after the brides wedding gown, the cake is the second most noticed and talked about thing in the wedding. Even if you plan to serve guests other desserts, you still want the cake to shine.

You need to start with a budget. If your wedding is exceptionally large, you can have a large wedding cake made for the bridal party and immediate family and then choose separate sheet cakes for the rest of the guests. This is an excellent way to staywithin your budget while still providing all the guests with a delicious piece of cake.

Another important key is to be realistic about your choices. As you begin planning for your wedding, start a portfolio that includes photographs of other wedding cakes you have pulled from magazines. When you do this, try to keep your options open, knowing that the more elaborate cakes are going to cost more per piece. While some more simple cakes may cost from $3 to $4 per slices, the fancy cakes can cost $13 per piece and more. However, include what you like and then allow the cake designer to provide you with options for making an incredible cake but also keep the price down.

The icing will also vary depending on type. For example, if you decide you like the smooth, clean look of rolled fondant, you need to remember this is more expensive than other types such as butter cream. It is not that the materials are necessarily more costly, just the time invested to create the look.

Unfortunately, many people think that a wedding cake iced with butter cream means a cheap and poor quality cake. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A good cake designer can take the traditional butter cream icing and embellish it, creating a different look and taste. Again, you can save money this way without having to sacrifice your cakes design.

In addition to embellishing the icing, cakes can be embellished with a number of things. For instance, consider having sugar roses created on the cake. If you choose flowers, again remember that exotic flowers such as orchids or hibiscus will cost more. You could have gum paste flowers instead, which are still beautiful. Then, instead of a traditional cake topper, you might choose a nice, floral spray that will drape down the sides of the cake delicately.

Other considerations would be to be aware of any hidden costs. For instance, depending on the cake designer, baker, or caterer, some will charge a cutting fee, which can be quite expensive. Finally, try new flavors. With so many incredible choices available today, you can mix things up by having different layers being different flavors. For the guests that like a traditional cake, one layer could be chocolate or white. However, for the more adventurous guests, you could have layers of orange sherbet, pina colada, butter pecan, raspberry, and many others.

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