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Almost everyone has been to a wedding reception and enjoyed a slice of a traditional wedding cake. While a traditional wedding cake is still a great option, todays cake designers have come up with unbelievable designs, flavors, icings, and embellishments. Considering that the wedding cake is the second most notice thing at a wedding after the brides gown, you want to consider all your options before just settling.

Todays wedding cake has become so incredibly important that in many cases, they are being served to guests as the only dessert. To give you an idea of some of the hottest wedding cake trends today and to help you plan your own reception better, consider the following information:

Rather than lots of canied roses and ribbons, many couples today are leaning toward a smooth, clean look. They prefer a cake that is streamlined and elegant, often incorporating Zen in the decision. For instance, you might choose to have a two-tiered octagon-shaped cake that includes sugar paste orchids or other exotic flowers and an edible vase. Another option is cube-shaped tiers that are embellished with lily pads and water lilies or similar flowers.

Whimsical designs are also bit hits. In this case, you could choose a cake covered with a beautiful, soft pink icing when then decorated with edible, silver stars, colorful polka dots, or some other fun design.

The shape of todays cakes is truly amazing. You can still choose the traditional round tier but addition options include hexagon, octagon, square, and other shapes. Even oval shaped tiers are very popular and can be designed with various types of flowers made of sugar paste carefully stacked in between the layers. If you prefer something with clean lines, then you could choose square tiers. Another great option is mixing and matching shapes.

The cakes icing has also changed. The color white or off-white is still very popular but not couples are going for color. You might find a rich, chocolate brown to accent a café au lait cake, an ice blue or light pistachio color for a pina colada cake, or a bright red for a cherry cake. The possibilities are endless and a good cake decorator can turn an ordinary cake into something remarkable.

The cakes trimmings are also important. You can never go wrong with fresh and sugar paste flowers but there are so many more options. Sugar flowers and ribbons are beautiful but they do cost a bit more. Other options include edible butterflies, dragonflies, basket weave designs, fresh fruit, marzipan designs, Swiss dots, scrollwork, and even family monograms.

Finally, consider some of the fun and mouth-watering flavors. Some of the more popular choices include passion fruit, praline, Amaretto or Grand Mariner, espresso mousse, pistachio, and coconut cream. You will also find that flavors such as lemon, mango, blood orange, raspberry, cherry, and peach are great choices.

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