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Wedding cakes of yesterday are pretty much gone. Today, the bride and groom can choose from an amazing array of styles, designs, decorations, icings, and flavors. As you get ready to plan your own wedding, you will find that choosing a wedding cake will take time since you have so many great choices. If you want something extraordinary and have a good budget to work with, you might consider hiring a confectionary artist to create your wedding cake.

This art has been around for more than 150 years, originating in Australia and England. It all started when a pastry chef began to sculpt and decorate cakes and other pastries using sugar. While the art continues and has even advanced in recent years, finding a confectionary artist is not always easy. For this reason, it is imperative that you start your search 10 to 12 months out. Additionally, keep in mind that each artist has his or her own style. Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, a lavish, formal church wedding, or some other specific type of wedding, you will want to work with the artist that specializes on that type of wedding.

Now, you could choose to work with a traditional baker or cake designer, which is just fine. However, if you want something grand, then a confectionary artist would be an excellent choice. There are many advantages to this option in that these individuals often work with fresh flowers from around the world. Since many flowers, especially those grown overseas, can be poisonous, you have the confidence that the confectionary artist knows what can and cannot be used whereas a standard baker or cake designer may not.

Working with sugar, the confectionary artist can turn something simple into an incredible masterpiece. With their skill, they can decorate a cake so that the flowers appear real and a part of the cake rather than just a clump of flowers sitting on top. Regardless of the type of professional you choose to use, flowers have become a very popular option for decoration. Using the look of a tropical orchid, tulip, daffodil, lily, rose, or just about any other type of flower, sugar can be used to create an exact replica. Not only is this beautiful, but also edible. In fact, some designers are so skilled that people will swear the flowers are real!

In addition to the appearance of the cake, you also need to consider the flavor. Most couples today choose something out of the ordinary. They want new flavors and a moist, delicious cake to serve their guests. For this reason, going through several taste-testing sessions with various cake designers is important. You will be able to taste the different flavors, as well as experience the texture and moisture for yourself.

Just remember that confectionary artists and cake designers will offer these taste-testing sessions whereas a bakery probably will not. Unless the bakery has a pastry chef, you would have to trust everything to them. Most couples are not comfortable with this and considering the price and occasion, should not be. This is your opportunity to make a personal choice that will benefit everyone attending your wedding.

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