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Wedding Cake Style & Advice

Most brides dream of two things when they think of their wedding the wedding gown and the cake. Having a magnificent cake for family and other guests to enjoy is truly a dream come true. The problem is that many times the very cake that appeals to the couple most is the highest priced. With so many other expenses associated with a wedding, choosing a beautiful cake that is within the budget is important.

Start by asking various cake designers how much they charge per piece rather than the overall cost of the cake. Additionally, make phone calls to local bakeries, which will often create wonderful cakes at a fair price. In addition to the per slice cost, also make sure you know how much you will be charged for th cake to be delivered. Looking at all your options is crucial since typically a bakery will charge around $3.50 to $8 per slice while some cake designers will charge as much as $15 or more!

You will also need to make sure you order your cake about four months in advance if possible. Most cake designers and bakeries book up quickly so be sure you start the process in plenty of time. When talking to the various cake makers, ask specifically how much time they need, as this will vary from one to another. The deposit is also important in that this too will vary. Most of the time, you will be required to pay a deposit when ordering the cake and the remaining just before the wedding.

Hidden fees are also something to be aware of in that subtle changes might be more. For example, if you are having a three-tier cake but want each layer to be a different and unique flavor, there could be an additional charge. For this reason, always ask the price not just per slice but also inquire if there are other fees for different flavors, fillings, or icings. If you want a great way to save money while still offering your guests a mouth-watering cake, you could order a tiered cake for the wedding party and close family and decorated sheet cakes for the rest of the guests. These too can be decorated to match the main wedding cake and even made in a variety of flavors. This will help cut down on the price per slice, saving you money without sacrificing on flavor.

If you, a friend, or family member is creative, you can always order a cake that has been iced but not decorated. Then, using fresh flowers, sugar flowers, fresh fruit, or marzipan flowers or other designs, the cake could be decorated. This is not difficult and something that can help with the budget. In fact, many times you can find pre-made decorations at your local pastry or bakery shop that can simply be placed on the cake. Just be sure if you are thinking about doing this, the cake designer or bakery will work with you.

Finally, always work with someone qualified and reputable. The last thing you want is to hire someone with little to no experience only to set yourself up for disaster. Just imagine having an outdoor wedding and then discovering that the cake designer or baker used the wrong type of icing, ending end up with a wedding cake melted. Unfortunately, this happens so be sure the person has experience to create the most amazing wedding cake possible.

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