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Years ago, a person would plan their wedding and when ordering the wedding cake, choose white or chocolate. While you can still choose a white or chocolate cake, the flavors and styles available today are truly astounding. Bakers have taken the wedding cake and developed a very competitive market filled with wonderful flavors and designs that were at one time only a figment of ones imagination.

For your wedding, you want to offer your guests with something special as a way of thanking them for participating in your very important day. Whether serving a tropical cake with butter cream frosting and fresh strawberries or a lemon cake layered with crushed berries and nuts and topped with lemon curd, choosing the wedding cake is an exciting part of any wedding. To make the right selection, you first need to choose a cake designer. You will need to interview several so you have something to compare anywhere from four to six weeks before the wedding date. Start several months out by collecting photographs from magazines or other peoples weddings to show the designer. Let the cake designer know the number of expected guests, take a swatch of the wedding colors and theme, provide the type of flowers you will have, and be prepared to talk about you and your future spouses personalities, lifestyles, along with the time of year the wedding will take place and the location.

All of these details will help guide the cake designer into creating a magnificent wedding cake. During the interview process, you will be provided with a minimum of two to three samples to taste based on what the designer feels will be the best choices. However, you can always request to taste more. Be sure you look at the designers portfolio so you can see the product from other weddings and always ask for references. If you like, the taste of the cakes, the look of the cakes, and you feel confident in the designers abilities, you have probably found your designer.

Just remember that you want a cake designer that can offer suggestions based on your criteria. Once you have made your choice, then you need to work through the written contract. This should include details on the cake or cakes that will be served, the time the cakes will arrive, how repairs will be handled if needed, who will be delivering and serving the cake, and the final cost, which will include the cake, accessory rental, and labor.

After the reception when everyone has enjoyed the delicious wedding cake, be sure you have foil on hand so leftover pieces can be wrapped and sent home to family and friends. In fact, if you and your new spouse are staying at a nearby hotel, be sure you take or have some cake delivered for the two of you to enjoy the following day. Typically, the top tier of the wedding cake is frozen for one year at which time the newlyweds thaw it and eat it for their first anniversary. If you are going on your honeymoon directly from the reception, then be sure a close relative takes the responsibility of wrapping this cake and freezing it for you.

Finally, when you return home, be sure you take a minute to write a note of thanks to the cake designer. After all, they worked hard for you to ensure you and your guests had something amazing to eat. Remember, you can choose from a traditional cake if you like but with such incredible flavors as orange sherbet, pina colada, raspberry cream, double chocolate fudge, and more, why would you want something ordinary. If you cannot choose just one flavor, then have each tier of the cake a different flavor. Not only does the cake looking amazing but the guests will love the variety.

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