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Wedding Drinks - Beer & Wine

When planning a wedding reception, trying to determine how much beer and wine to buy can be challenging. This is something that most couples deal with and rather than just guessing, you can follow some guidelines to make the process easy.

After all, you will have your hands full planning your wedding. From the moment you become engaged, you will find most of your spare time filled with planning. The amount of alcohol to serve guests is just one of the many decisions you will need to make, if you pla to serve drinks.

However, this decision is very important in that of all the expenses that you will have for your wedding and reception, serving alcohol is among the most expensive. Therefore, while you want your guests to have a good time, you also want to serve just enough alcohol that fits within your budget and keeps anyone from driving away drunk. The following information will help you purchase the right amount.
  • Six people Average of 18 to 24 drinks
  • Eight people Average 24 to 32 drinks
  • Twelve people Average 36 to 48 drinks
  • Twenty people Average 60 to 80 drinks
  • Thirty people Average 90 to 120 drinks
  • Forty people Average 120 to 160 drinks
  • Sixty people Average 180 to 240 drinks
  • Eighty people Average 240 to 320 drinks
To help break this down by drink type, you can use the following guide:
  • Champagne One case will serve 50 people, averaging 82 drinks. A great way to offer guests champagne is to have a champagne fountain, which can be operated with as little as three bottles or as much as five gallons

  • Hard Liquor A good rule is to have enough hard liquor so that each guest can have two drinks. Each quart of liquor serves between 21 and 28 drinks, with the most popular choices being Bourbon, Gin, Scotch, and Vodka.

  • Punch If you want to serve alcohol but cut back on costs, you can have spiked punch, which makes a great option for weddings

  • Beer For beer, your most economical solution is to buy kegs. If the reception will be small, you can rent a pony keg, which would be perfect.
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