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Do you want to serve your guests something special at your wedding reception but have concerns over choosing the right type of beverage as well as the type of beverages you can afford? As you will see in this article, you have a number of great options and the information provided will help you make the best choices. The first thing you need to do is decide on what you want to serve. For instance, if you have friends and family members that enjoy cocktails, then alcoholic beverages would be appropriate. However, if there were no or very few drinkers in the goup, then you would choose differently.

Open Bar With this option, you would offer your guests hard liquor, as well as wine and beer throughout the entire reception. The cost for these drinks would be yours, meaning the guests can go back for as many drinks as they like, and you pay. If you want to offer an open bar but cringe at the thought of the high cost, you can always cut down on the number of liquor types served, and then serve just two types of wine and two types of beer.

Cash Bar With a cash bar, you still offer your guests alcoholic drinks but you pay very little. In this case, you can have the guests pay for all of the drinks they want or just those made with hard liquor. In other words, the guests could drink all the wine and beer they want but if they want anything made from tequila, vodka, or scotch, they would pay. Some couples shy away from a cash bar because they feel it is a bit tacky but if you want to offer something to your guests while keeping the cost down, this is actually a good option.

Only Beer and Wine Instead of serving any hard liquor at all, in this case you would serve only a few varieties of beer and wine. To save even more, you could set up kegs for the beer, and then purchase the wine by the case. If you have a liquor store in your area, you might even work with them to see if they would provide you with a nice discount for buying the beer and wine from them.

Specialty Drinks Typically, specialty drinks are not that common but great for formal receptions. However, if you want to create food stations at your reception, then you can have specific beverages assigned to each. For instance, if you have a station where prime rib is being carved, then you could have red wine served or if you have a station with fish or chicken, then white wine.

Champagne Punch A wonderful way to serve an alcoholic drink that is beautiful, delicious, and cost effective is to make champagne punch. These are not difficult to make and are very elegant.

No Alcohol Finally, another option is to choose to serve no alcohol at all. In this case, you could serve a number of fun drinks to spice things up but without the alcohol. Remember, the alcohol is what increases the price and to have a wonderful reception does not mean you have to serve alcohol.

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