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If your budget will support it, you should consider incorporating champagne into your wedding. This tradition has been around for many years and continues to be a favorite choice of beverage for many couples planning a wedding.

Now, even if you want to include champagne in your reception, you will quickly discover that good quality champagne is not cheap. However, you can find some wonderful types of champagne that will fit in any budget. The key is to overlook the French names that cannot be pronounced correctly and the descripors that seem to make no sense, and instead, focus on good champagne that will be enjoyed by your guests.

Before you run out to buy champagne, talk to your vendor first to see if this is included in your package and if not, you will find that buying champagne on your own will provide you with a better selection as well as better prices. Even if the caterer does include the champagne in the package, ask if you can bring your own in instead.

Typically, you should have an idea of what your budget will support before you head out to shop. One of the most important things to remember when shopping for champagne is that once open, it will go flat in just 24 hours. Therefore, you should wait to open the bottles until ready to serve and if you do open them early, you can simply insert the handle of a spoon down into the bottleneck. This is an old tip that will help preserve the bubbles longer.

Keep in mind that to buy quality, good-tasting champagne, you do not have to spend a lot of money. In fact, several producers are located in the United States that make, wonderful champagne for as little as $15 a bottle. Some of the more popular producers include Domaine Chandon, which is a division of Moet et Chandon, Gloria Ferrer, associated with Freixenet, and Blanc de Noir. Now if you want a foreign label, you can still find a reasonably priced bottle around $13 under the label of Cava Aria Brut.

If you have a loose budget, then some champagne from Sonoma County, California are very good include one called Iron Horses Wedding Curvee. The price of this champagne will run around $25 a bottle but for the price, you will be buying champagne made from red wine grapes. Most people will tell you that this champagne has a hint of peach, making it the ideal choice for a wedding reception.

You might prefer to offer your guests authentic French champagne and can even find some that are as inexpensive as $20 to $30 a bottle. Some types of champagne that are often served at wedding receptions include Bollinger and Cattier. This vintage option is wonderful and smooth.

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