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Wedding Food - Reception

You have finally set a day for your wedding and now the fun of planning begins. Regarding the reception, since this is where all the guests will gather in celebration of your wedding, you want it to be a special occasion for them as well. When choosing food for your upcoming wedding reception, some considerations need to be made. The one mistake that couples make time after time is ordering the most expensive food on the menu falling within their budget. While this may seem like the obvious decision, unfortunately, it is not necessarily the bes decision.

As an example, many times a couple will choose these elaborate appetizers only to discover at the end of the reception that very few were even touched. The reason in this case is that some guests may not be too excited about eating the foods used to prepare these appetizers. Things like veal, seafood, and other foods are not always well received. Therefore, while the intentions were good, the guests taste was overlooked. To help you choose the right foods and make an impression on your guests, consider the following suggestions:
  • Basics You can start by laying out a plan that would include appetizers, the entrée, wedding cake and other desserts, and then coffee or other beverages. From this foundation, you can start working with the caterer in swapping out certain foods to create a wonderful presentation of food. This process should start about eight months before the planned wedding so the caterer has adequate time to plan, shop, and prepare the food.

  • Creativity In addition to making changes to the basic framework, you can also step completely outside the box. For example, consider the time of day so you can choose a menu that complements it. If the wedding will be in the morning, a brunch would be an excellent choice. You could set up a breakfast buffet and then have several stand-alone stations where ham and roast beef are carved, custom omelets made, and Belgium waffles created. If you are having an afternoon wedding that is casual, then you could offer your guests with a traditional English Tea. This includes delicious scones, pastries, fresh fruit, coffee, and tea. Another option is a late afternoon reception in which case a cocktail party would be wonderful. In this situation, you could serve a nice variety of hors doeuvres along with various cocktails.

  • The Right Caterer Although you have the final say regarding the food served at your wedding reception, you want to work with a caterer that respects your decisions but will also offer suggestions. Look for a caterer with wedding reception experience and that takes a sincere interest in your magical day.

  • Tasting Food Always make sure you have the option of tasting the food options that you are considering for your reception no matter who will be preparing the food. This way, you can make decisions based on facts. You want to taste about three different options for each course and be open about substituting side dishes, sauces, and even seasonings.

  • Keep the Guests in Mind Again, remember that not everyone will agree on what tastes good. Therefore, you need to think about the people attending your reception and create the menu around them. Additionally, be considerate of any known vegetarians or diabetics.
Finally, if you decide to be creative with the menu, be sure you list Creative Menu on the invitation so guests will know that you are moving away from something traditional.

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