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Making the decision to serve wine at your wedding reception is one that will probably be well received but it also comes with a new set of questions and guidelines. As you will soon discover, the amount of alcohol consumed will all depend on the number of people as well as how much they enjoy drinking. Typically, receptions consist of a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and preference. Therefore, making the decision on how much to buy can be a challenging issue.

A good rule to follow is that if you are having a morning or afternoon wedding, less wine will be consumed than if having an evening reception. Additionally, as a reference, expect that you will need enough wine or alcohol to serve each person one drink per hour with no more than five drinks each over the entire time of the reception. Now, an important note is the concern over guests drinking and driving. If the reception will only be a few hours, then limit the total number of drinks to two whereas an all night event could warrant the higher number of drinks.

To determine the appropriate quantity to buy, the size of the glasses used will be a consideration but in general, you could expect that one bottle of champagne will serve six glasses, a bottle of wine, five glasses, and one liter of liquor, 18 drinks. Generally, you can purchase a case of wine, which holds 12 bottles and a case of beer with 24 bottles or cans. By buying this way, you will definitely save money than if buying individual bottles or cans.

In most cases, couples are looking for ways to stay within a set budget while still providing the guests with a special occasion. For this reason, choosing the location of your reception can play an important role. As an example, if you decide to have your reception at a local hotel, restaurant, or nightclub, then you will have the option of choosing from a wide selection of wine, beer, and liquor at a good price, which is good. However, if guests start ordering specialty drinks such as a Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, or Brandy Alexander, you could be hit with a high charge.

As you interview the management of various locations, be sure to ask about the charge for specialty drinks to ensure you are not blindsided with a huge bar tab. Additionally, always ask about corkage fees, which can be expensive. This is a charge associated with each bottle of wine or champagne being opened. Another cost is the cost of having the drinks served. In other words, you need to make sure that all hidden charges have been identified.

If you are on a tight budget, you might consider having the reception at an independent location such as a VFW hall, local community center, homeowner association clubhouse, or even a private home. In this case, you can purchase the wine and alcohol from your local liquor store, usually at a much lower cost. Typically, you can always find someone that knows how to make a drink that would be delighted to serve in the role as bartender. If not, you can hire one or two bartenders at a fair price and leave the drink making to them.

Finally, when it comes to choosing the brand, try to stick with popular brands. The only exception would be if you have guests coming from another country, then you might offer good quality liquor for them. For instance, someone flying in from Scotland would appreciate a fine Scotch or someone from Europe would love a nice Cognac. When choosing wine, you can always find good selections within your budget. Consider the food being served and make your selections to complement the food. If you are having beef and ham, then choose a red wine. However, remember that now all people like red wine so you also want to offer a small collection of white wine or Zinfandels.

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