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Wedding Reception Food Options

Trying to plan a successful wedding reception is not something that just happens. It requires good planning, a lot of research, budgeting, and major decisions. Most receptions include food, which creates an entirely new challenge in that food, regardless of what type, is expensive. Additionally, the bride and groom want the reception to be an incredible event where amazing food will be served and all the guests happy.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by working with a reputable caterer that wil work with you and create a menu that matches your needs. One of the most important things is to find a caterer that has experience with wedding receptions. Now, on occasion, you may run across a new catering company that will give you a nice discount for helping the company get started. However, if you go this route, you should expect to work very closely with them on all the details.

As you sit down with the caterer, you will give them details about the type of wedding, the date, the location, the number of expected guests, as well as any food ideas you believe they would enjoy most. A good caterer should listen carefully to your questions and concerns and then begin offering you the various options available.

One popular choice is to have buffets and food stations set up. In recent years, this has become a very popular choice in that it is affordable, helps move the guests through quickly and without any congestion, and you can offer specialty foods. Just imagine setting up a couple of buffets where your guests could choose from Mexican, Chinese, French, Italian, and so on. Another option is to stick with one theme but have a meat carving station, vegetable, fruit, and salad station, side dish station, dessert station, etc.

The important thing is to ensure any additional charges are included, which might be tax, gratuity, condiments, garnishes and relishes, and other miscellaneous items. Other great options would be to offer a few fun stations for your guests. For example, if you are having an early to mid-morning wedding and have decided to have a brunch reception, then you could set up stations for customized omelets, Belgium waffles, crepes, and other brunch dishes. If you plan to have an early afternoon reception, then you might consider have a sushi bar, stir-fry station, and dessert station with cheesecake, assorted chocolate, and other various sweets set up.

The nice thing about using buffets and food stations is that you have a much greater chance of serving something for everyone. Even if smaller children will be attending the reception, you could have a grilled cheese and hot dog station set up and then a make-your-own sundae bar. The kids will love it and the parents will be overjoyed since they know the kids will also be served something they like. You can always choose the traditional reception where guests are seated at tables and one of two entrees are served so you have several options. Just be sure you work with a caterer that will present all your options and respect your budget without trying to force you into choosing things you are not interested in serving guests.

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