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Cruise & Boat Wedding

Are you engaged to the love of your life and now trying to plan your wedding but instead of the traditional setting you want something different? If so, you might consider getting married on a cruise or boat. More and more couples are finding this to be a very romantic way to exchange I dos and an affordable one too.

No matter what type of boat/ship you choose, whether it is a cruise, yacht, submarine, sailboat, or steamboat, you will find this to be a wonderful way to celebrate a marriage. Obviously, the settingis beautiful and if you choose an overnight or week long cruise, family, and friends can stay on board to enjoy all the festivities offered by the cruise line.

If you do plan to be married on a boat, then just make sure you choose something that will offer plenty of room, unless the wedding will be very intimate. Typically, the larger boats or cruise lines will have a banquet-type room that will provide all the room needed for tables, chairs, a platform, dancing, and so on. Just remember that even if your wedding will be small, you still need to make sure the few guests have room and a place to sit and relax.

Another important thing to consider has to do with safety. You need to do your homework to make sure that the captain of the boat along with the crew members are certified by the Coast Guard and have all the proper training in case of an unexpected disaster. The boat should have the appropriate number of life jackets and rescue boats, which sadly, most do not. This type of information can be obtained simply by asking the head office of the company you are interested in hiring.

Additionally, rather than just choose a boat from the internet, word of mouth, or a local advertisement, you need to take a visit to the boat to inspect it yourself. Although for some this might be difficult, if you can do this, you should. While there, check the cleanliness of the boat to include the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, look at the outside decks and chairs, and use your common sense when giving the boat a once over. While you cannot get to all the places on the boat, you should be able to make an evaluation on what you can see.

You will also need to plan the food, including how it will be served. Many boats offer catering but some do not. If there is catering, then you would need to schedule time to determine the menu items and price. If no catering is available, you will need to ask if you can hire and bring a caterer with you. In this case, the individual would need a place to cook, prepare, and serve the food.

Finally, always expect the unexpected. For instance, ask how the boats staff would handle someone becoming ill. Is there someone on board that is CRP certified or will there be the ability for rescue should one need to be made? Obviously, you do not expect or want anything to happen but we all know that things do. Therefore, just be wise about your choices, asking all the pertinent questions to ensure your guests have a great time but also a safe time.

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