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First Dance

The most important and romantic tradition of a wedding reception is the first dance between husband and wife. This dance usually takes place after entering the reception hall. The couple is introduced to the guests, making their way to the dance floor. During this dance, the newlyweds can relax and gaze into each others eyes, sharing a very special moment, just the two of them.

If you want to make the first dance extraordinary, you can with good planning. About four months prior to the wedding, consider taking private lessons so that you cn show off your newfound skills when you do enjoy this dance. In addition to the guests enjoying the fancy show of steps, the two of you will enjoy the dance much more by knowing what you are doing.

If you do not have a favorite song, then you will need to choose one together that is important. You want a song that has words that means something special to your relationship, as well as the right beat for the type of dance you want to perform. Some couples choose a romantic song by which the Waltz can be danced while other couples prefer an upbeat tempo so they can have a great time while dancing the Fox Trot. The decision is yours to make so choose what you like!

If you want to be a little less traditionally, you can always take lessons to learn how to Salsa or Rumba. To make this a great experience for everyone, you might even consider hiring dance instructors that can be on hand at the reception to guide the guests through steps so they too can dance like pros once the first dance is complete.

Another consideration for the first dance is to have the band play the song or choose one that is prerecorded. For instance, a beautiful song is "Its a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Obviously, no one could ever repeat this song like Louis so you would want to use a CD. However, other songs could be played by the band where it would not be so crucial. In this case, you might want a Celine Dion song, which the band could play and a vocalist sing beautifully.

After the dance is completed, you want the musician or band to make the guests feel comfortable, inviting them to sway to romantic music or kick up their heels to some good, old-fashioned rock and roll. Typically, once the bride and groom have completed their dance, the brides father will then join her on the dance floor where the two of them share a special dance. From there, the groom asks his mother for a dance. Next, the groom will ask the Maid of Honor to dance and the bride will ask the Best Man. When all of these dances are complete, then the rest of the wedding party gets their turn.

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