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Las Vegas Weddings

If you want something different for your upcoming wedding, why not consider having it in Las Vegas. Each year, more than 144,000 people exchange vows in Las Vegas where they can enjoy the amazing shows and then gamble into the wee hours of the morning. Choosing to have your wedding in Las Vegas has many advantages.

First, this is a very affordable way to get married. If you want just a few close friends and family members or no one at all, there are chapels that can accommodate. Another advantage is the ease and convenience. All you need to do is show up, purchase a marriage license, and get married all in the same day. Finally, the destination itself is electrifying with the strip lit up like a Christmas tree and the sound of money trickling out of slot machines.

If you want something different, something that you will never forget then a Las Vegas wedding is the perfect choice. Most of the casinos and chapels offer wedding planning where you can organize the flowers, minister, photography, ceremony, and reception in the same place. You will find that you have a choice of choosing from preset packages or if you want something unique, you can choose the items you want ala carte. In fact, most the wedding facilities will be happy to work with you to ensure you get the wedding that you want.

For the casino weddings, with so many different types and sizes of casinos, this is a fun prospect for a wedding. You will find everything from a typical nightclub setting to something that feels almost like a fairytale. Keep in mind that getting married in a casino usually comes with nice perks. For example, you will probably get a huge discount on your room and you can expect to receive VIP treatment. Some of the packages for a casino wedding will include the brides wedding and makeup, gown and tuxedo services, and much more.

Just as there are advantages of having a casino wedding, there are also benefits in having your Las Vegas wedding in a chapel. You will find chapels all over Las Vegas, many of the more popular ones lining the strip with colorful, blinking lights and huge marquees. If you want to be married by Elvis, you can, right inside a limousine. If you prefer something more traditional, you can choose a charming chapel, including witnesses and all. Finally, if you are simply driving through town and do not have much time, then you could choose a drive through chapel and get married while staying in your car.

Best of all, you cannot beat the price of a wedding in Las Vegas. For the marriage license, you will only need $50. For the actual wedding packages, the price ranges for as low as $200 up to $6,000. The most important thing to remember when getting married in Las Vegas is to adhere to the schedule in which you are given. The reason is that casinos and chapels alike have hundreds of weddings to perform each day so if you are late, then you miss your wedding. The other important thing is that most casinos and chapels in Las Vegas require you to use their wedding professionals. Just make sure you read all the small print to ensure you know what your money is buying as well as the exact rules you need to follow.

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