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Have you ever shown up at a wedding and heard a song that you love but have no idea the name? Perhaps you are mesmerized by one of the vocalists and would love to find out who he or she is for your own, upcoming wedding but you do not know the name of the person, or you might just want to have a better handle on the proceedings of the wedding.

A wedding program can guide every guest through the wedding, identifying the song, the vocalist, and the proceedings. In addition to keeping the guests informed, the wedding program also creates a piece of memorabilia that can be saved for life to treasure. This way, as you grow older and reflect on that special day, you will smile as you read the names of the people that were a part of your wedding, the ushers, the reader, the minister, and so on.

At one time, wedding programs were very formal and traditional in style. While you can still choose to have a program like this, today the guidelines are much looser. As an example, instead of using the traditional, white paper with scrolled black ink on a quarter-folded program, you can now use rice paper tea dyed, written with calligraphy, and designed as a scroll, tied beautifully with ribbon.

The nice thing about this aspect of the wedding is that it provides you an opportunity to get the wedding party together to get creative. The bridal party might discuss the design and come up with ideas for the perfect program, based on the style wanted by the bride and groom. Then, over lunch or dinner, you can pull out all the supplies and make your own fabulous programs.

In fact, if you visit your local computer store, you will find several options for computer software. All you do is load it on your computer, choose the paper you want to print on, design your program, and print them. Then to enhance the wedding program, you cause hot glue to add trinkets, miniature seashells, ribbon, and lace.

What you do want is to list the contents of the wedding in chronological order. This way, the guests will be able to follow the wedding proceedings and thereby, enjoy the occasion much more. In addition to the order, you also want to provide a few words about each of the people in the wedding party. For example, if you have a reader that is a cousin from out of state, and then mention his or her name, stating the relationship to the bride or groom and that they traveled especially to be a part of the wedding.

Overall, you want the content and design of the program to coordinate with your wedding colors and theme. If you plan to use a graphic designer, make sure they understand the things important to you. Some couples will turn the designer loose and in most cases, be pleased with the results. However, you need to remember that this is your wedding and therefore, should stay involved in all aspects, even the programs.

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