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Wedding Programs II

Wedding programs are programs similar to what you would be offered at a church service, community play, or opera. The program is what tell you the schedule of the wedding, the participants, and what they will be doing. For example, you would find the name of the musicians, the reader, the minister, and so on, along with the schedule of what will occur at the wedding.

The traditional wedding program is what tells guests the sequence of events so they can follow through the wedding knowing what is about to occur. Many programswill also provide the name of the bride and grooms parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and perhaps other special guests.

Within the program, it is important that songs being played at the wedding reception be clearly indicated along with the expected time of each. If you will be hiring a DJ or emcee, they can announce the song before it will be played so that if guests are interested in dancing, they can get ready to grab a partner. While some couples do not use programs for their wedding and/or reception, they really add a nice touch and help keep things running smoothly.

If you want to create your own wedding programs, you will find that they are not difficult at all. If you have a computer, good paper, and colored ink, then you can use designs that you come up with yourself or you can actually purchase programs that will help you through the process. If you are not comfortable making your own wedding programs, you can usually hire someone to make them for you at a reasonable cost.

In addition to guiding the guests through the various aspects of your wedding, identifying the participants, and keeping things moving in the right direction, programs serve as a keepsake item in that you can add one to your wedding album. Finally, if there were family and friends unable to attend the wedding, you can send a copy of the program for them to enjoy.

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