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Wedding Ceremony - Unity Candle III

All weddings consist of many different factors that include music, prayers, exchanging of the vows, and most, the lighting of the unity candle. This act signifies two individuals becoming one and is actually a beautiful part of the ceremony. If you have decided that you want a unity candle as a part of your wedding, you probably have questions like every other couple regarding the appropriate way to go through the process.

First, in most weddings, the bride and groom will light the unity candle However, if this will be a blended family, then the children might also be included in this portion of the ceremony. Other people that could be included are the parents or grandparents. There is no right or wrong, simply what is important to you.

Although the lighting of the unity candle dates back many years, in just the past decade they have become a very important part of most weddings. Typically, two taper candles will lie next to the unity candle, which are used to light the single candle. Interestingly, the weddings that use the unity candle are usually Protestant churches while Jewish and Catholic churches generally request that a unity candle not be included in the ceremony simply because it is not traditional.

Another option along with the unity candle is for the bride and grooms mothers to light a small, taper candle, which is then placed at an altar located at the front of the church. This act signifies honor for the children. Then for the unity candle, this is usually lit after the vows have been spoken and the rings exchanged. In most cases, while the candle is being lit, a soft song will be played or sung.

Sometimes, the couple will leave the taper candles lit and burning along with the unity candle while other couples prefer to distinguish them once the unity candle is burning. Again, there is no right or wrong, simple a decision to be made by the bride and groom.

The location of the unity candle can be in a number of places although it is generally placed at the altar or somewhere up at the front of the church. If you were planning an outdoor wedding, you can also use a unity candle but keep in mind that you might be faced with several obstacles such as wind or dust. Additionally, be sure you purchase a quality candle with a good wick. The last thing you want is a candle that is difficult to light. In fact, many couples will have a second unity candle on hand just in case the first refuses to light.

You might hear of some couples that want to start the wedding ceremony by lighting the unity candle but this goes against everything it symbolizes. After all, the lighting of the unity candle is what supports the vows spoken and rings exchanged. Otherwise, it takes the factors of the ceremony out of place. Regardless, just remember that this symbol of unity is a beautiful part of the wedding and it brings something very special to the occasion. Therefore, no matter where you place the unity candle, who all is involved in lighting it, or when, you will find that this brings a special ambience to the wedding.

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