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Walking The Aisle

Probably the two most nerve wracking moments of any wedding is the time walking down the aisle and the time standing before the minister, exchanging vows. For most couples, there is a natural fear of things going terribly wrong and while they can, you will see that with careful planning, walking down the aisle does not have to be a bad or frightening experience.

For the bride, the thought of making it halfway down the aisle only to trip on her gown is real. While this time is very nervous for the bride, you should feel somewhat cmforted in knowing this seldom happens. True, you will be the center of attention, making matters worse. However, just remember that in most cases, you would have an escort. In this case, simply hang onto his or her arm tightly for balance and security, wear lower heeled shoes, scuff the bottom of new shoes with sandpaper for better traction, make sure the length of your gown is not too long, and walk slowly you will be just fine.

You should also practice walking. While that might sound strange, remember this is different from normal walking in that you are under tremendous pressure. Therefore, visit the church or place where the ceremony will be held and then practice going down the aisle, wearing the very shoes you will have on for the wedding day.

Additionally, it used to be that brides would pause briefly between each step to create a grand and dramatic entry. However, this can actually work against you by throwing your balance and rhythm off. For this reason, you would do better eliminating the hesitation step and simply walking in a natural, slow manner.

For the dress, especially one with a train, make sure it is not dragging on the floor in the front. Once you have your wedding gown altered and in your possession, put it on at home and practice walking up and down the hallway. Be sure you stand up tall and straight so that the length is not changed from slouching.

If your gown has a train, then you need someone to walk behind you to keep it straight. Again, if you have a fear of falling or tripping while walking down the aisle, then you might choose a short train or skip it altogether. Just make sure the attendant helping with your train understands the rhythm that you will be walking so that he or she does not get ahead of the walk and step on the train. The best option is to practice together so you have it perfect.

As you approach the front, the groom will step toward you, offering his secure arm for you to take. If you have to climb stairs, which is often the case, then carefully lift the front of your gown with your left hand and take your steps slowly. If you need both hands to gather the gown then use them, having the groom meet you on the top step.

This is a scary event for most couples. There are always insecurities, which is perfectly normal. However, by planning and practicing, you will do just fine and have no problem whatsoever.

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