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Military Wedding

When it comes to a military wedding, the rules do change somewhat. If you are about to be married to a handsome man in uniform but are unsure of how to plan the wedding, we can help. Remember, the changes are not difficult once you know how. The result will be a wedding that honors the military and is still beautiful

The one thing to remember with a military wedding is that you might not be able to secure the date you want. Additionally, there are occasions when the location becomes a factor. Therefore, with a military wedding, te best thing you can be is flexible. Sure, you should plan the date and location that you want but if you find that your future bride or groom will need to be active at any point, you might need to make some adjustments.

When it comes to the military uniform, bride and grooms generally have many questions. To help understand the rules, consider these tips:

For the grooms side, if the wedding will be formal or held in the evening, they should wear their dress uniforms. However, if the wedding is informal or will be held during the day, typically service blues or whites are worn. Many times, a couple will have a wedding party that is a mixture of military and non-military. In this case, the civilians should wear a dark suit or tuxedo while the military wear their uniforms. Additionally, men in uniform would not wear a boutonniere in that the uniform itself serves as the decoration.

For the bride, even if she were in the military, chances are she would choose a traditional wedding gown. However, if she wants, she could wear her uniform, making sure the uniform chosen is equally as formal as the other members of the wedding party.

For the invitations, you will need to choose something that provides you with ample writing space since the way in which they read vary depending on the officers level and type of service. As an example, if the groom were junior and company grade, then both of his titles would need to be listed, along with the branch of service and the same would be true for the wedding invitations in how they are addressed.

For the wedding processional and actual format of the ceremony, these would be the same as for a civilian wedding. The only real difference is that after the bride and groom have said their I Dos, an arch of swords for the Navy and Coast Guard would be prepared for the couple to walk beneath for the recessional.

In this situation, the members of the wedding party would turn the swords so the blades are faced up and then as the bride and groom walk under the archway, they would kiss. For members of the wedding party that are not in the military, they should stand off to one side or at attention in the line with or without swords.

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