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For many people, the benefit of living near the ocean offers a huge benefit when it comes to a wedding location. Standing on a sand dune overlooking the ocean with palm trees swaying in the breeze, the bright, orange sun sinking beyond the horizon, and Tiki torches providing a soft glow is the ultimate in romance.

If you want to have an ocean and beach wedding, by following some simple steps, you will have an amazing wedding that will be romantic and adventurous. The first step is to talk to your local Beach Council. Each beach has its own set of ordinances, which will need to be followed. Talk to the council about the number of people you plan on inviting, the type of food and/or drinks that will be served, whether a bonfire or Tiki torches are permitted, if a tent or cabana can be erected, and so on. Other pertinent information includes the tide to ensure it coordinates with the date you want, whether there are nearby bathroom facilities or if rentals will be required, and anything else offered by the council.

Even if you have your heart set on an ocean and beach wedding, you would be wise to have some type of backup plan. That means you might need to have a different date in mind, an alternative location, or a plan to pitch tents just in case the elements do not cooperate. In most cases, you should be able to follow the season and plan just fine but being prepared is always the key to success.

The same would be true for your guests, especially if you have people coming in from out of town where there is no beach. You might include a reminder in the invitations that during the evening after the sun has set, the temperatures can become quite chilly. This way, they will know to bring a light jacket. Additionally, remind them that walking in the sand can be tricky without the right type of shoes so they should bring a spare pair. Just consider all of the things that someone might not think of and add it to the list.

When it comes to decorating the wedding site, you can include beautiful leis for the family and wedding party, Tiki torches to light the aisle, a soft gauze material hanging over the archway that can blow gently in the breeze, and an aisle made of artificial grass. With some tropical touches, you will create a wonderful ambience. Just remember to use flowers that can withstand the heat and sun and if you will be serving food outside, make sure it is kept at a safe temperature.

The music can also be a romantic inspiration, especially with a backdrop such as the ocean. You can ask friends or family members to play songs on the guitar or flute, have poetry or Bible verses read, and bring the power of nature into the wedding ceremony. Although there are many ways to create a fantasy wedding, having one by the ocean is by far the best.

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