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Second Wedding Issues

Have you been married before and are now preparing to remarry but have tons of questions? This is something that many people deal with and knowing the rules of a second marriage will allow you to have a beautiful, special day without any problems. With the following tips, you will be able to celebrate appropriately while having a very romantic and wonderful wedding day.

Relatives More than likely, when you share the news with some family members about marrying a second or perhaps third time, you should expect that someonewould say something about the first marriage and provide a very strong opinion. Although this individual is probably trying to be helpful, the words will still sting. In this case, you will need to keep your mind on the love of your life, focusing on the beautiful things that the future holds for the two of you, despite what other people might say.

Another issue for second or third marriages has to do with the children. Depending on how long you and your future spouse have been dating, things could be very uncomfortable for the children. Remember, the children do not have a choice and just follow where the parent goes. For this reason, before the wedding, you and your fiancÚ need to have some things worked out prior to the marriage. Talk about rules, discipline, and you might even consider going through family counseling so the transition can be as smooth as possible.

If you want to have the same wedding party as you did for your first wedding, just remember that one or more of them, especially if they are also friends of your ex-spouse might not feel comfortable standing up with you a second time. Therefore, when you ask them and if you receive the answer no, do not be offended, simply have a backup person.

With a subsequent marriage, the bride and groom may not feel that a wedding or bridal shower would be appropriate. Chances are, you have most of what you need, making the gift buying difficult for the guests. In this case, a theme party would be appropriate or perhaps simply a gathering of family and friends to spend time together without gifts.

Depending on the financial aspect of each individual, a prenuptial might be something to consider in a second wedding. While most people cringe at the thought of asking their future husband or wife to sign a prenuptial, it might be to your best interest. If unsure, talk to an attorney about how you can approach this delicate situation without hurting anyones feelings.

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