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Summer Weddings

The most popular time of year for a wedding is during the summer. For one thing, many families are planning vacation time so if you have people that need to come from out of town, they can easily incorporate the wedding in with their vacation time. Summer weddings also offer more stability when it comes to weather. You know what to expect for the region where you live, giving you the opportunity to plan accordingly.

As you get ready to plan your summer wedding, you will probably want to choose some type of theme, which is very common. Some couples want something elegant, which might include having a wedding at a local museum, botanical garden, or English garden. However, other couples prefer a casual wedding, which would be perfect for a local park, the beach, or even a barbecue setting. Just remember that there is no right or wrong when choosing the theme or style of your wedding, simply what you want.

The nice thing about a summer wedding is that you can enjoy many of the things that come naturally with this time of season. For example, flowers of all types are abundant, meaning you can choose from a huge variety. The same would be true if you want to provide guests with something casual in that you can use vegetables and plants grown in your own garden. Additionally, you might think about a location near water so people can boat or swim.

Another huge advantage of a summer wedding is that you have much more daylight. This means you can choose to have an afternoon or evening wedding and still have plenty of light. For the afternoon, you might consider a cocktail or tea reception and for the evening, a buffet. Many times, couples will set the time of the wedding to coordinate with the setting of the sun, which creates amazing scenery.

Since many summertime weddings are held outdoors, you want to choose a location that will match your wedding theme or style perfectly. Again, be creative, choose a location that will accommodate the number of expected guests, and look for the best scenic view. If you are not sure where to look, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or State Park to ask for recommendations. Even bed and breakfast inns make an ideal outdoor setting.

The one thing you do need to plan for with a summer wedding, especially if outdoors is the mosquitoes, heat, and other challenges. In most cases, when it comes to pests you can set up citronella candles that will help. If you plan to use a tent, you can always have one that includes netting. For the heat and/or unexpected weather, again a tent at least as a backup solution is a great option. Tents are generally inexpensive and considering the headache that they can save, well worth the investment.

For the guests, you can choose some great summer favors to place at each place setting. Something like a miniature terra cotta planter filled with flowers or cactus, a jar of seashells along with a handwritten poem, or something special that will reflect the season and special day. Finally, be sure you provide guests with information about what to wear. This would be especially important if having the event outdoors. After all, you want people to feel comfortable.

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