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Have you ever wondered why certain things are done at weddings? Most people have but never ask. Chances are that if you were planning your wedding, you probably would like to know why weddings consist of the things they do. To answer the questions, we have provided the answers to all of those unanswered questions:

Bride wearing white Dating back to the early Roman days, the color white has symbolized a joyous occasion. Then in the early 20th century, it also took on the meaning of purity. Therefore, a bride traditionally wears white bcause of the joy of her wedding, and as her purity.

Rings worn on the ring finger During ancient times, many people believed that the ring finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart. For this reason, the wedding ring was placed on this finger in that it had the strongest connection of heartfelt love.

Bride wearing a veil In ancient Greece, the veil was worn as the color yellow, and red in ancient Rome. However, during this era, the bride would be covered from head to foot, indicating her submission and subordination to the groom. Additionally, an old tradition states that if the bride were to be seen by her future husband before the wedding ceremony, it would bring them bad luck. Therefore, she would remain covered until after being pronounced husband and wife, which is still tradition today.

Giving the bride away Many years ago, women had very few privileges or rights. Typically, the father would give his daughter away in exchange for some type of dowry, usually being money.

Something blue In ancient Israel, blue ribbon was worn around the edge of the wedding cloth. This showed modesty, love, and fidelity, which has remained a part of modern tradition.

Bride being carried over the threshold Years ago, the bride was kidnapped and dragged to a place or home where she would be kept until the wedding. At one time, marrying outside of your own community was taboo. However, as the options for wives dwindled, the men would sneak over to neighboring communities and snatch a wife against her and her familys will. Today, it is used more as a respect to the wife in bringing her into her new home.

Honeymoons During ancient times, again, marriages were often from kidnappings and not because two people were in love. The man would hide her away for 30 days, which allowed the moon to complete all its phases, while drinking brew made from honey, which is where the word honeymoon came from although the meaning today is quite different.

Bridal party gowns At one time, it was traditional for the bride, groom, and all of their friends to meet at the church the morning of the wedding. In fear that they might be spotted marrying someone not approved of by family or being concerned about being seen by a rejected suitor, they would all dress alike, as a way of tricking the evil wishers.

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