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If you are getting ready to plan your wedding, you might want to create a different type of wedding by incorporating ideas from around the world. Perhaps you are from another country and want to have traditions from that country in your wedding. Regardless of your wedding, by incorporating worldwide wedding ideas, you can create a romantic and festive event. As you will see from the information below, each part of the world has wonderful traditions and customs to consider.

For Bermudan weddins, the bride and groom walk beneath a moon gate at the end of the wedding ceremony to bring them good luck. Additionally, they are served different cakes. For the bride, she is given a tiered fruitcake, which is covered with silver leaf that has a cedar sapling on top. After becoming married, she will replant this tree, representing the love of the bride and groom that will grow. For the groom, his tiered fruitcake has gold leaf tops, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

You could create a reception that is decorated with oriental lamps, bamboo, fountains, and soft, flowing music in the background. For the menu, you could serve a variety of Chinese foods. For instance, to represent safety, prosperity, and the hope of bearing many sons, you could create a menu of apples, seaweed, and lotus-seed tea.

Depending on the region of Italy that you want represented at your wedding, you would choose to serve guests a roasted baby lamb, called Bacchio or a roasted baby pig, known as Porchetta. Typically, the meat is served with two different pasta dishes and assorted, fresh fruit. Then, representing a life that is both sweet and bitter, sugared almonds are passed out to the guests.

A Jamaican wedding is a true feast. With this type of reception, you would generally find meat patties, salted codfish, curried goat, and red snapper, all served with a wonderful Caribbean Creole sauce. Additional foods would include salads made with watercress and avocado. For the cake, you would serve dark fruitcake that is made with rum. For guests that were not able to attend the reception, they are mailed a piece of the cake to enjoy.

The food served at Korean weddings includes noodles, which are called Kuk-soo. These represent long life and are an important feature of this type of wedding. If you were to meet a Korean and wanted to know if they were married or not, you would ask them, Kuk-soo mo gus soy oh, which translates to Have you eaten noodles yet?

For Norwegians, the wedding cake is created with bread. This tradition comes from earlier times when white flour was a rarity on farms. This bread is then topped with cheese, syrup, and cream, and then folded into squares.

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