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Registry Etiquette

When getting married, guests buy gifts for the couple in celebration of their union. While some guests will know exactly what the couple wants and needs, most will not. For this reason, couples can register at their favorite stores so that guests can buy the things on the list. This is a huge help in that the guesswork is taken out of the buying and the couple is thrilled with the choices.

When getting ready to register for your wedding gifts, you should educate yourself on the process and proper etiquette first. This will ensure the process runs smoothly and that word gets out to the people invited to your wedding so they know where to shop and the things for which to shop.

For starters, you will need to make a list of the things you need. For some couples, the list will include everyday items such as bath towels, kitchen utensils, dishes, blenders, toasters, and so on. However, another option for couples is to choose specific rooms or themes. In this case, you might choose the kitchen, living room, or dining room for her, and the garage, office, or family room for him. Therefore, you can choose to register accordingly.

Remember, the things you add to your list should be items that both the bride and groom will appreciate. While the bride might not give much credit to her soon-to-be husband, more than likely, she will be surprised at just how sensitive and detailed he is. In addition to things such as tools, the man also appreciates items for the home. In many cases, he will look past the obvious, thinking of things that would have otherwise been overlooked.

The best way to register is to make an appointment with the stores you want to receive items from although some stores now offer registration options on the internet or through automated systems found in the store. Since the methods do vary, you will need to call first to find out the system offered at each company.

Once you have determined the process, you then need to make time to go through the registration. If you need to meet in person, schedule at least two hours so you can go through all the steps in becoming registered. Once you have completed this part, the next step is figuring out how you will let your friends and family know the locations where you are registered, which can be tricky.

The one thing you do NOT want to do is list any gift registration information on your wedding invitations in that this would be considered extremely rude and tacky. Instead, you can mention this information to the wedding party and other close friends and family members. What will happen is that other gifts will soon make phone calls or ask around regarding your gift registration and the people that know will tell.

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