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When it comes time to choose your wedding gown, you will quickly discover a huge array of choices. You can buy a gown from your local bridal shop or department store, or if you prefer, buying one from a private designer. Much of the decision will be based on budget but you also want to consider the type of gown and which choice will serve you best.

If you decide to go with a private designer, you will be very involved with the entire process. In most cases, the bride has one or two specific things she wants in a wedding gown and what you want is a designer that will take your ideas and incorporate them into the design. This way, the bride ends up with a gorgeous designer gown that also has the components important to the bride.

Finding a private designer is not difficult. You can start with your local bridal shops. Many times, they will have designers employed. If not, you could ask the bridal shops for recommendations. Another option is to look at magazines for names, on the internet, or your yellow pages. Additionally, editors of bridal fashion magazines can usually offer good references for designers in your area. In fact, if you buy some of the major bridal magazines and look in the back pages, you will find a good listing of designers broken down by region.

The nice thing about hiring a designer for your wedding gown is that they are true professionals that put in long, hard hours to produce a dress that is made with expertise. Wedding gown designers can work with all types of fabrics, taking something delicate and fragile and turning it into a masterpiece. Just remember that because your gown is being made on a customized basis just for you, the designer will need from six to eight months to create it. Therefore, be sure you set this in your schedule and allow plenty of time.

When it comes to price for a designer gown, this will vary from one designer to another. Other factors include the type of material being used, the level of embellishments, and the pattern of the gown. However, the most expensive part of the price relates to labor. Keep in mind that designer gowns are made by hand and top of the line machines. Designers will often spend a month or more just sewing the embellishments on, all by hand. For this reason, the more ornate the gown the more labor involved and thus a higher price.

Once you find the designer you want to make your gown, you will meet and talk about the wedding. Typically, the designer will want to know about the type of ceremony, the timeline, colors, season, and so on. If you found a gown you like in a magazine, bring the photograph with you. At this time, you will determine the best choice of materials, fabrics, and embellishments, which will also help determine the price. From there, the designer will sketch the finished gown for your approval. He or she will take your measurements so a mock gown can be created from muslin. Once the muslin gown is perfected to fit your body, then the actual gown will be created. Typically, the designer will have you fitted a minimum of two times during the creation of the gown and then once the last fitting is complete will deliver your gown about one month prior to your wedding.

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