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As you begin the planning stage for your upcoming wedding, one of the first things you will need to organize if the selection and purchase of your wedding gown. Typically, you would need a minimum of four to six months for this one aspect of the planning but if you were considering a custom wedding gown, then you would need to double that time, depending on the complexity of the design.

Although the entire wedding party will be stunning, the bride is without doubt the focal point. She will be the one person of the wedding tat everyone turns to watch walk down the aisle. For this reason, you want the gown to be spectacular and something unique to your style and personality. Hiring a professional to create a custom wedding gown is an excellent option but keep in mind that you will pay a higher price.

The designer will consider many different things when designing your gown. He or she will talk to you about your body shape, your bodys best features, personality, lifestyle, and personal preference. Then with all this information, several options will be presented for the two of you to agree on.

Having a wedding gown custom made is not as expensive, as what you might think. For one thing, you will be pampered, having all the required attention on you so the perfect gown can be created. As an example, you can find many reputable and qualified designers that have gowns starting as little as $1,000, which is much less than what you would buy from a bridal shop. Now keep in mind that the price will vary depending on the amount of work done, the amount of detailing, and of course, the specific fabric chosen.

The designer works with all types of people and thereby knows the importance of getting it done right. This type of professional makes wedding gown design his or her life, meaning that every ounce of experience is put into every gown made. While you will have so many different styles from which to choose, the following are some of the most popular:
  • A-Line This type of gown has a fitted top with a soft, subtle skirt that flairs out gently

  • Ball Gown Tailored at the waste, the skirt of this design is full and flowing

  • Empire For the Empire gown, the skirt is slim and the waistline designed to start just below the bust

  • Sheath Considered a modern style of wedding gown, the skirt is straight and the gown tailored to the shape of the brides body

  • Mermaid The Mermaid gown is just what it sounds like slim with a fish-like flare to the skirt

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