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Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding dress. She wants to look like a princess on her special day, wearing a gown that looks beautiful and fits as though it was made just for her. To find the perfect wedding dress for your wedding, you need to start by giving yourself plenty of time to shop. This is an important decision and one that requires special attention.

First, if you work with a bridal shop, they will require you to come in to be fit. This involves taking your measurements so that every aspect of the dress will fit beautifully. Since women are not all the same size, you would be doing yourself a favor by going through this step instead of simply buying off the rack. Additionally, keep in mind that sizes vary from one manufacturer to another so just because you could purchase a size 8 from one store does not mean that same size would fit you elsewhere.

After you have been measured, you will go through the various gowns and choose the style you like best. Typically, a bride will buy a gown from the bridal shop. Then, using the measurements taken, have it altered. Once the wedding dress has been chosen, it will need to be ordered. In most cases, wedding gown manufacturers run small so if you have to go up one or two sizes from your normal size, do not panic.

You will receive a phone call from the bridal shop advising that your gown has come in. At that point, you will need to schedule time for alterations. This should actually be done right away and after the first alteration you will probably have another about two months prior to your wedding date and then a final one about one to two weeks out. An important tip is to bring the exact pair of shoes that you will wear on your wedding day with you so the alterations can be done exact. Additionally, wear the same bra, slip, camisole, and anything else so you can see how the gown will fit and the seamstress can do the job right.

Finally, you will find that during the first alteration, the gown will be pinned in places that need to be taken in or let out. Then at the second fitting, the gown will be set, meaning the stitching will be done. Once you get to the final alteration, the work is generally done by hand. If possible, have your maid of honor come with you to help give you an honest opinion.

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