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If you were to sit down with a bridal book of wedding gowns, you would find that at least 50% of gown designs, if not more, are sleeveless. This style is very popular and a great option for a summer bride. Whether choosing a fitted corset bodice, a satin sheath, or simply A-line gown, if you are going to go sleeveless, you need to make sure you have toned arms and shoulders to look your best.

The great news is that if you are serious about shaping up and dedicated to workout every day, by the time your wedding day arrives, you will look amazing and probably be in the best shape of your life. Not to put any pressure on, but keep in mind that the one person everyone will be watching is the bride. Therefore, you own it to yourself, the groom, and your guests to show off your wonderful toned body when wearing this style of gown.

Even if you are thin already, by working your arms, you will not be making them any thinner. In fact, you will be amazed that they actually look fuller but better because you know have muscle definition. Additionally, you choose how much muscle you want, if you just want to be toned or completely buff, it is your choice.

When you choose a sculpting program, you can do something on your own or you can visit your local gym and work with a professional trainer. Regardless, the program should include specific things to include your biceps, triceps, and deltoids. Just remember when starting out, you do not want to dive into the heaviest weight possible or you will be very sore, discouraged, and could cause injury. Therefore, you need to start at the bottom with lighter weights and work your way up to heavier weights over time.

Great exercises to incorporate in your workout include bicep curls, French curls, which will help your triceps, and for the deltoids, lateral lifts. Then, do a few sets of push-ups, whether the male or female way. This will help define your pectorals, triceps, and deltoids, making it a great overall exercise. For every exercise you do, make sure you do no fewer than three sets of 12 repetitions, taking a brief break in between each. If you are not strong enough to complete all 12, then do as many as you can, not being afraid to push yourself. Very quickly, you will build up to 12 and see amazing differences.

Typically, you might feel a little sore for the first few days to week. It is important that you not give up and wait for the soreness to go away. Instead, work through the pain, which will actually make it better. If you decide to work with a professional trainer, just be sure he or she knows how much bulk you want to gain. With that, you will be put on the right program, supported, and guided through the process so by the time your wedding day arrives you will look absolutely stunning in your sleeveless wedding gown.

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