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Although you can buy a gorgeous wedding dress from a number of stores, if you, a member of your family, or close friend have skill with sewing, then making the wedding dress might be a good option. With the right expertise and material, you could have a magnificent gown that looks just as beautiful as what you would buy from your local bridal shop with one exception a much lower price tag.

The best way to get started is to shop for the style of gown you like and look through bridal magazines. This will help you identif specific designs, giving you a base on which to build. The nice thing about this is that you can take features of two ore more gowns and incorporate them into one gown design. For example, you might find a sleeveless design on one gown, a cowl neckline on another gown, and a particular type of fabric on yet another gown. Taking these three things, you can create the perfect gown that you might not be able to find off the rack.

Once you know the style you like, you might need to buy more than one pattern and use a little sewing creativity to put them all together. Next, you will go shopping for the fabric and notions. Typically, since you will be saving quite a bit of money on the gown, you can spend a little more on a higher quality fabric. Make sure your measurements are taken precisely and then put your pattern together.

You should allow yourself a minimum of four months for the gown, which will ensure you have the right amount of time to make it without feeling rushed. Now keep in mind that just like with a bought wedding gown, you will need to allow for two to three fittings. Therefore, you will want to use the right type of stitching so that the gown can be taken in just before the wedding and prior to the permanent stitching being put into place.

Another thing that would be very beneficial is to have plenty of assistance. If you have more than one seamstress in the family or in a friend, then one could be working on the train while another works on the bodice, or however they want to organize the making of the gown. Even if you want any beading on the gown, another person that is not a top seamstress could be taught how to hand bead and begin that process. The result will be a hug savings and a magnificent wedding dress that has even more sentiment.

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