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Most weddings consist long hours, standing up during the actual ceremony, standing in the receiving line at the conclusion of the ceremony, dancing at the reception, walking around to mingle with guests, and so on. Because so much time is spent standing, the feet pay a huge price. To ensure you are not left feeling miserable on your wedding day, you can do some things to have cool, comfortable feet throughout the entire wedding and reception.

First, the morning of your wedding day, take about 30 minutes to soa your feet in cold water or place ice packs on your feet several times that day. The ice not only soothes aching feet but help keep swelling down so your feet feel great.

Additionally, the morning of your wedding, take two anti-inflammatory pills to help with swelling.

Even if you love salt, the potassium will cause you to retain fluids, which causes the extremities to swell. Obviously, when this happens, the feet swell and the shoes become tight and painful.

Never wait to the last minute to buy your wedding shoes. In fact, you should purchase your shoes several months in advance and then wear them around the house for several hours (intermittently) at home to wear them in.

You also want to make sure you purchase the right heel height. Although the stiletto, strappy heel would look gorgeous with your wedding gown, you will be putting tremendous stress on your feet and be creating the chance of falling.

Bring a separate pair of shoes for the reception that still look wonderful but are more comfortable. For instance, you might choose a lower, thicker heel that would be far more comfortable while on the dance floor.

Most brides will have an emergency kit that is taken to the wedding. Inside, you would find safety pins, needle and thread, breath mints, lotion, and so on. Another item to add to your kit would be moleskin, which can be purchased at most drug stores. Moleskin is the perfect solution should you develop a blister in that it covers it while acting as a second skin.

Spend a little more on shoes for your wedding. Since this is the biggest day of your life, you can afford to buy only the best quality shoe. The result will be a shoe that fits wonderfully, offers the best support possible, and looks incredibly stunning.

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