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Choosing the right wedding shoes is actually a very important part of the planning process. For one thing, you will be standing in the shoes for a long time during the wedding, the receiving line, and then at the reception. Therefore, in addition to style, you definitely want to find a shoe that fits your foot properly, giving you the best support and comfort.

The wedding shoes should complement the gown both in style and in color. If possible, take your gown or a swatch of the fabric with you when you shop for shoes so that you can match it as closely as possible. For example, if you have an ornate gown made of silk or taffeta, then you might consider a silk mule with faux pearls or if your gown were simple and contemporary, a nice, thin-strapped sandal would be gorgeous.

Once you have chosen the shoes you want, you need to make sure you break them in before the wedding day. This means starting about a month out from the wedding day, going through a serious of methods to make sure they fit comfortably. One of the best methods is to purchase a shoe stretcher. These are sold in any shoe or retail store, and are very affordable. Just be sure you stretch the shoes in increments of 30 minutes several times throughout the day, letting them rest for a day. This will ensure the shoes are stretched but not too much.

You might even try wearing your new wedding shoes around the house each day for several hours at a time, as a way of breaking them in. If your shoes are made of patent leather, you can use a little bit of petroleum jelly and rub it across the inside of the shoe. While that may sound strange, it helps keep the patent leather from sticking to your foot, which is a great way to get blisters.

Another thing is to add pieces onto the bottom of the shoes to help with slippage. Generally made from a sandpaper type material, they simple adhere to the toe and heel of the shoe so that as you walk down the aisle on carpeting, you will not fall. If you cannot find these pieces, you can take fine grit sandpaper and gently sand the bottom of the shoes to scuff them a little. This too will help with the traction problem.

If you plan to have a dance floor at your wedding, if possible, take time to check out the flooring prior to your wedding day. If you notice the floor is sticky, you can sprinkle on just a little bit of talcum powder to help. However, if the floor is slippery, then take just a small amount of castor oil and rub it on the soles of your shoes.

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