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Tuxedo Selection Tips

Are you planning to be married but stumped on how to choose the best tuxedo styles? If so, you are not the only couple dealing with this dilemma. One of the things that make the process of choosing seem so difficult for people is that styles have changed over the years. However, by knowing what to avoid, you can look incredibly handsome on your wedding day without the stress.

One of the most important things you need to do is work with a reputable tuxedo shop that employs a qualified tailor. By planning and working closely with the professional, you should have the tuxedo chosen, fitted, and ready to go weeks before the wedding without any last minute changes. If you wait until the very last week to start shopping for your tuxedo, then you are simply setting yourself up for disaster. Therefore, allow plenty of time to find the tuxedo of your choice, as well as time for alterations.

Next, if you start working with a tuxedo shop and things are not running smoothly or you do not feel as though they are competent, rather than battle your way through, go elsewhere. If the tuxedo shop is experienced, they will guide you through the process, pointing out things you need to know and helping you choose the right tuxedo for your physic and wedding theme. If you were unsure where to find such a shop, start by asking family and friends for recommendations. If no one knows of a reputable shop, look through your local yellow pages or on the internet.

Although you might want be tempted to head out on your own, this is the one time to remember that your wedding is something the bride-to-be has been dreaming of her entire life. Therefore, make sure you work closely with her to ensure the style fits in with the wedding theme, the bridal gown, bridal party gowns, and the overall scheme.

Again, every groom has a different type of physic so you want to choose a style of tuxedo that complements the most. If the best man and groomsmen are all built differently, then you will need a little more time and the assistance of a good professional in helping you choose the style of tuxedo that will flatter everyone. Although it could be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. However, to give you a heads up on what to expect, consider the following:

  • Short, round face or a heavier body type would work best with a peak lapel jacket in that it helps create a leaner appearance, which accentuates height instead of width.

  • Tall, thin builds work best with a shawl lapel in a one or three-button silhouette

  • Fabric is also crucial in that you want to be relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day. Worsted wool is always a great choice in that it does not wrinkle much and it breaths freely.

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