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While you could choose a traditional tuxedo for your wedding, you also have many other options. Most couples think of the standard tuxedo, which is handsome and smart. However, before you run out and get just any tuxedo, you should understand all your options so you choose the type of tuxedo you want.

Just like women, men have different body types, meaning that one tuxedo style does not necessarily look good on everyone. For the groom, he too wants to look amazing at his wedding while feeling comfortable and relaxed. Tomake sure you choose the perfect tuxedo for this important day, we have provided you with information so you know what options you have.

Double-breasted This type of tuxedo is perfect for men that are short and stout. The double-breasted tuxedo can easily hide girth while looking incredible.

Single-breasted (one or two-button) With this style of tuxedo, you will achieve a wonderful, classic look that is perfect for all body types. If the groom is taller, then he might prefer the two-button option while shorter men would choose the one-button. These choices help balance out proportion, creating the best look for the physique.

Single-breasted (three or four-button) Similar to the other single-breasted style, this tuxedo style has a clean, unbroken line. Because of this, it is popular and looks excellent on tall men or those on the slender side. However, if the groom were larger and rounded, this style should be avoided.

Cutaway The cutaway tuxedo is what is often referred to as a traditional morning coat. It was swallowtail lines and works well with any body type. In fact, shorter men often lean toward this style in that it helps create a taller look.

Tails If you were having a formal or traditional wedding, then you might consider tails. This tuxedo style is sophisticated but does not look well on shorter or round men. However, if the individual has good body proportion, then tails might be an option. The severe break between front and back is truly a classic look.

High Vest Similar to a high-button coat, the high vest is a good option for larger men or those with large torsos. Muted colors are very popular and can be worn for both formal or informal weddings.

Low Vest This option is good on all body types but if not worn correctly, it can appear more as a belly sling than a vest.

Peaked Lapel If the groom were short, this would be a good choice. The body will appear longer and leaner, drawing the person to look up.

Shawl Collar This is a good choice but can be somewhat tricky. Since the color width varies, you need to be sure you work with the right size for the body type. For instance, if the groom were already broad, then he would not want to choose a narrow collar in that it would make him appear even larger.

Mandarin or Banded Collar For men with thick or short necks, this style should be avoided. However, it is a good option for slender men. For the first type of individual, he should stay with a lay-down collar.

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