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Are you trying to figure out what type of tuxedos the men need in your upcoming wedding but finding it all very confusing? If so, do not feel alone. Most couples getting married have no clue in that they never wear tuxedos. Past knowing that they are typically black and white, and may or may not have a tail, and you feel completely baffled.

First, you need to find a quality, tuxedo rental store. If the groomsmen will be going on their own, the groom should gently remind them that they would be representing the bride and groom so itis important that they take this seriously. Generally, the groom will step in and keep everyone going in the same direction. Additionally, do not wait too long since the wedding day will sneak up on you and before you know it, you will be scrambling to find a tailor or without a tuxedo.

The tuxedos should be a good reflection of the type of wedding. Typically, the tuxedos should be chosen to complement the bridal partys dresses. They should look as though the clothes were made for each other. In other words, you would not want to have a bride dressed in an elegant gown and the bridal party wearing soft, pastel gowns and then see men in dark black tuxedos with bright red cummerbunds.

By working with a good tailor, they will help schedule the time needed for fitting and then work with each man to ensure the suit fits perfectly. Years ago, the rule was that the groomsmen had to wear tuxedos identical to the groom but after the turn of the century, rules were changes where today, much of anything goes. This is one thing making the process difficult in that many brides still want a traditional wedding while the men are not as particular. This is where both the Best Man and a good tailor need to work together to choose the best options.

Although there might be some differences among the men, the important thing to remember is that this is the bride and grooms wedding and what they want goes. Now, on the other hand, as the bride, you need to be considerate of the men, at least to a certain degree. For instance, you might have tall men, short men, heavyset men, thin men, and so on, which means that not all tuxedo styles will look good on each of them.

If you have a friend or family member that was recently married, you could ask them what tailor they recommend. If not, check with your local phone book but before you make any decision, check with your local Better Bureau to ensure they do not have any incrementing complaints against them. Finally, never be afraid to ask for reference. After all, the groomsmen should look sharp and enhance the wedding, not stick out like a sore thumb.

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