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Wedding Favors - Cost

Wedding favors are small gifts that can be handed out at the wedding ceremony, placed at each plate setting during the reception, given in privacy, or left on a pillow of an out-of-town guest. Typically, wedding favors are not expensive and intended to let your guests know you are thinking about them and appreciate them taking the time to join you on your wedding day.

Even though wedding favors are very affordable, if you have many guests to buy for, the cost could grow quickly. Therefore, we have put some great tips togeter for you on ways to save while still giving your guests something special and nice.

Always take time to shop around. Prices will vary from one company to another and though perhaps just pennies on the dollar, why spend more when you do not need to. For instance, if you were considering candles, you can locate them at a hobby store, retail store, at discount stores, on the internet, and so on. Taking the time to look at all your options will generally help you save money while also finding the best variety.

Rather than present each individual guest with a favor, consider presenting one per couple. This way, for many, you are actually cutting the cost in half. If you do this, you might buy the couples a favor that is just a little bit nicer while still saving money.

Have a favor wrapping party to include your bridesmaids. After buying all the materials, you could set up work stations so that a couple of the women are cutting out the squares of toile or satin along with the ribbons, another group is placing the favors in plastic or cellophane bags, and a third group is handwriting notes of gratitude! You could buy favors already wrapped but you can expect to pay almost double.

Think about favors that can be made such as jelly and jams, cookies, candles, soap, and other items that are fun to make and cost effective.

Using favors as centerpieces is an excellent way to cut cost as well. In this case, you could form the centerpiece out of a group of votive candles all placed in miniature terra cotta planters that have been spray painted or decorated. In the center, you could have a slender vase filled with a spray of fresh or dried flowers. Once the reception is over, each guest would take his or her own planter to take home.

Other great ideas include containers filled with in-season seeds along with the instructions for planning. You could also offer Jordons almonds wrapped in cellophane and tied off with ribbon that matches the wedding colors or inexpensive coffee mugs filled with a variety of gourmet tea bags, and so on.

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