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As a way of thanking your guests for their participation in your wedding day, you would buy favors. While favors are a wonderful way of including your guests, and showing your appreciation, the challenge comes into play regarding what kind of favors to buy. We have put some ideas together for you, to help you choose the best type of wedding favor based on your specific wedding.

Start by reminding yourself that favors do not have to be expensive to mean something. You could even make homemade favors such as cookies, candy, soap,candles, and so on, or purchase something small but meaningful for $2 each. While you should not skimp on favors, if you find yourself on a tight budget, do not feel bad in that you could create beautiful candles with a handwritten poem and it would be cherished.

Many times, a couple will choose keepsake items such as notepads, magnets, potpourri, personalized bookmarks, and so on. These types of favors are perfectly fine and are great choices but you still have many other choices from which to choose. Just remember that if you plan to give candles, soap, potpourri, or other favors that have fragrance, you would not want to place them at the table in that it could mingle with the food and create an unpleasant aroma. Instead, set up a table by the entrance of the reception hall where guests can pick their favors up when leaving.

Another wonderful option is to offer favors to guests that go along with the meal. For instance, you can never go wrong giving out Jordans almonds, which are unbelievably delicious. Another great choice is small boxes filled with fudge or some other type of chocolate such as chocolate-covered cherries. Since there are so many different types and shapes of boxes on the market, you can be as festive as you like.

You could also have chocolate candy bars made that could be shaped like a standard bar, roses, or other types of beautiful molds. These are then wrapped just as the bars you would find in a store but they have the couples name and the date of the wedding stamped on the cover. If you prefer something a little more romantic, you can always wrap the candy in plastic to keep it protected, and then wrap that in a piece of toile, wrapped with a coordinating ribbon.

The key is to show your guests that you put time and effort into choosing or making the favors so they know you did not simply pick something up at the store on your way to the reception. You want your guests to be impressed and feel special. In other words, you do not want your guests to feel as an after thought but a part of the entire planning process.

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