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Hansel Wedding Favors - Boxed Candles

If you want favors for your wedding that will show your guests that you went to great lengths to ensure they received a gift that means something, then you cannot go wrong choosing a boxed candle by Hansel. These candles are not like any other in that they are designed especially for weddings, to make every guest feel important and valued.

The nice thing about Hansel wedding favors is that the boxed candles are available in a multitude of colors and fragrances, meaning you can match your wedding perfectly no matter what the color or theme. Typically, couples choose heart-shaped boxes that symbolize pure love. These boxes are very elegant and classy. Within the boxes are visible candles and then the box is beautifully adorned with a dainty ribbon, which come in lavender, green, gold, silver, navy blue, pink, and burgundy. Then to complete the look of the favor, each of the boxes has an attached tag with a pre-printed message. Just remember that although the following is the standard message, you can always write your own:
  • Thank you for sharing in our special day
  • And take this gift when you go away
  • Please use it some evening or night
  • May its flame kindle memories of delight
These Hansel favors measure 2.5 x 2.5 inches, come with a single wicked candle, and with the top of the box being clear, the guests will enjoy seeing the special gift of a candle inside. With a price of just $11.99 for a 10-pack and an order of one to two, or $8.90 a pack for an order of ten or more, you cannot beat the price.

Guests that have received Hansel wedding favors in the past will agree that they loved the beauty and thoughtfulness. Additionally, working with Hansen makes your life so much easier. In most cases, all you need is a few days to order and the shipment will go right out. Guests love these favors, and as the fragranced candles are burned, they will think of you and your special day.

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