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When it comes to wedding flower arrangements, there are multiple options. Some of the designs are more traditional, having been used in weddings for years while other designs are more contemporary. When it comes to choosing the right floral arrangement for your upcoming wedding, the great thing is that you can do whatever you like, meaning there are no rules to follow, just guidelines.

While you could hire a professional florist to arrange your wedding flowers for you, you have another option of arranging them yourself. In fact, this is an excellent way to save money while having a great time with your bridal party and family. For example, you can usually buy the flowers, containers, and accessories wholesale, which will be less money. Then, you could set up a nice luncheon for your bridal party and close family members where everyone gets involved in making the arrangements. This provides an opportunity for special time that will be cherished.

To get started, the most important thing you need to do is plan. That means no later than two months prior to the wedding, you need to be ordering the flowers and all your supplies. Now keep in mind that if you want exotic or out of season flowers, then you will need to check with the wholesaler to find out the appropriate amount of time needed for ordering. To accomplish this, make a list of the displays you want for the church, the number of attendants that will need flowers, what you want to do at the reception and so on.

Again, with this information, the wholesaler can tell you the appropriate number of flowers to create each one. Typically, you can buy your supplies through the wholesaler as well but another option is your local hobby store. Things you will need include corsage pins, bouquet holders, floral tape, wire, and ribbon or lace. Keep in mind that you should order a few extra in that things can break while being worked.

Unless someone in the group is an experienced florist, you can find hundreds of pictures with directions through books or on the internet. After scanning all your options and choosing what you want, you should then gather a few friends to go through a practice run. For example, the bouquets you want for the church and attendants may require elaborate bows. Taking pieces of ribbon, you can practice the technique until you have it perfect.

One of the best things you can do is to make as much in advance as possible. Again, using the ribbon as an example, if you need 100 ribbons, these can be made while watching television and done months in advance. If you plan to use silk flowers instead of fresh flowers, you could easily start making the bouquets, displays, cake topper, and centerpieces well in advance.

For fresh flowers, you want to soak the foam or moss so that it is moist. Then one to two days prior to the wedding, you can begin putting the real designs together. Just remember that these arrangements will need to be stored in a place with temperatures of 40 to 45 degrees and no direct sunlight. Be sure the flowers are kept watered and misted daily and do not add the ribbon until right before taking the flowers to the wedding. Finally, make sure your flowers are never stored anywhere near fruit. The reason is that fruit emits a gas, which is what causes it to ripen. When flowers are near, these gases will also cause, the flowers age and perhaps wilt.

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