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Flower Arrangements II

As a way of saving money and ensuring the exact arrangements are created, many brides are turning to making their own floral arrangements. In fact, many brides are organizing a time with close family and the bridal party to design and make the arrangements. By doing it this way, everyone has a great time and can take personal pride in the flowers seen by all the guests. If you want to arrange the flowers for your upcoming wedding, we have provided some valuable tips below.

The first and most important thing is to plan. Whether you want flower arrangements that are elaborate and sophisticated or something simple, you need to plan a minimum of two to three months from the date of your wedding. With good planning, you will have more time to find the right type of flowers, the right prices, and have the flexibility should changes need to be made.

Check with your local florist or hobby store to see if they offer how to classes. Many offer excellent classes to help you along the way. Another option is to purchase books that can show you step-by-step instructions with illustrations, making the process easy. In addition to assembly, these resources will also teach you the type of flowers that work best together, how to store them, and so on.

Once you have decided on the style of arrangement, you will need to visit your local floral supply or hobby store to purchase the containers, wire, foam, corsage pins, floral tape, and other supplies.

Your best option for saving money and finding the largest selection of flowers is to work directly with a flower wholesaler in your area. In most cases, these wholesalers sell to the public and can be very helpful. The one thing to remember is that often they will require a minimum order so be sure you check all your options before settling on one.

Before you start putting the fresh flowers together, purchase one or two sets of silk or plastic flowers for practice. Once you have the process perfected, then you can put the real flowers together quickly and easily.

If your floral arrangements will use silk pieces, ribbon, bows, or other enhancements, try to put as much together before you put the fresh flowers together. Typically, you can create all the bows, set up the containers, paint, whatever you want first. When finished, these can be stored in boxes and then used just before the flowers are arranged.

Once the flowers are organized in the foam, be sure the foam is kept very wet and mist the flowers every day before the wedding. In most cases, you would add the flowers one day before the wedding but again, the books or classes will guide you through the process regarding schedule per type of flower.

To store the flowers before the wedding, they will need to be kept in a room that is less than 50 degrees and never in sunlight. Again, water and mist daily and be careful with any bows, ribbons, or lace not to get them wet. If possible, the perfect temperature for storage would be between 40 and 42 degrees.

Finally, make sure you never store the flowers anywhere close to fruit. The reason is that fruit actually has a gas that is what helps the fruit become ripe. Unfortunately, this same gas can also cause the flowers to ripen, causing them to die.

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