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Flower Availability & Types II

Based on the recommendations made in Part I, we have broken down several so you can get a better understanding on how they look, the fragrance provided, and the way in which each will enhance your upcoming wedding.


Star Gazer Lily These oriental lilies are large and offer a very romantic fragrance. Each has 10 multi-blooms per stem and is gorgeous and elegant. The one thing to remember when choosing this type of lily is that when they open, the pollen iside, which is an orange or rust color will shed. Therefore, you do not want to touch this part of the flower or it will stain. Typical price is $25 per 10-stem bunch.

Waxflowers These flowers make nice fillers, providing a citrus fragrance. You will have the choice of white or pink, both with hints of yellow. The cost for the Waxflowers averages $12 a bunch.


Bells of Ireland Excellent for weddings, these flowers have a unique shape, sweet fragrance, and for a bunch of 10, average $8.

Heather comes primarily in pink although there is also a white option. These flowing flowers are a nice touch for any wedding at a low cost of just $8 per bunch, affordable.


Delphinium This flower is available in a number of varieties, often seen with blue flowers of varying shades. You can buy Delphinium in bunches of 7-10 stems for around $8.

Godetia This flower is beautiful, making it a great choice for weddings. However, because the Godetia is known for blooming for weeks and then stopping suddenly, they are not a sure thing. In other words, you could order these flowers only to find when delivered that they have decided to stop blooming.


Peony Although the peony is another flower hard to predict, they are beautiful and dainty.

Ranunculus Beautiful bunches that come in orange, pink, red, yellow, and white. This is the perfect flower for a springtime wedding and averages $10 per bunch.


English Lavender These flowers are generally available in bunches of 2 to 3 arrangements. The most distinct aspect of this flower is its magical fragrance. Although prices do vary, you can usually buy a bunch for around $8.

Gladiolus Because this flower is tall and dramatic, they make a perfect selection for formal or sophisticated weddings. Typically, you will find Gladiolus in orange, pink, red, yellow, and white, and they average from $10 to $15 per bunch.


Babys Breath You can find this type of filler/accent flower any time of the year. With tiny, white balls for blooms, this is a beautiful and delicate flower, perfect for enhancing any other flower species. A bunch of Babys Breath is just $8 each.

Lisianthus These flowers have magnificent colors of pink, purple, and white, or a combination of pink and purple with a white hint. Because they are a little more exotic, the price is a little steeper, generally averaging around $18 per bunch.


Hydrangea Although you will typically pay around $25 for a bunch of 5 blooms, the incredible colors of blue, lavender, mauve, pink, and purple make this a favorite of many brides.

Scabiosa For an informal or natural wedding, the Scabiosa would be perfect in that it has a wildflower look in lavender, purple, and white. Additionally, for just $8 a bunch, which includes 10 stems, the price is very affordable.


Aster This flower is available from April to September and has multi-blooms on each stem in beautiful pink and purple. Bunches are just $8 each, making this an obvious choice for many couples.

Love in the Mist If you want filler flowers that are multi-colored of blues and creams and unique, this would be the ideal choice. You can buy a bunch of flowers that includes three arrangements for around $8.


Sunflower For a casual look, the Sunflower cannot be beat. Although there are many different species, the one most often used is the bright yellow petals and dark center. For a bunch of five flowers, you would pay just $8.

Tuberose This white, fragrant flower produces a unique flower. You will sometimes find Tuberose with pink and green in the bud, making it a beautiful choice. For $15, you can purchase bunches of five stems.


Eucalyptus This is available throughout the year and looks perfect with Yarrow. The only downfall is that this flower blooms when it wants, making it a very unpredictable choice. Although prices vary, you can buy a bunch for around $5.

Yarrow For a bright, cheery flower, Yarrow is perfect. It offers a natural and wild look that can be purchased for $8 a bunch, each consisting of 10 stems.


Phlox is often overlooked for weddings, which is a real shame. With beautiful pink and white blooms, this makes a great addition to any bouquet and averages $12 per bunch, which includes about 10 stems.

Sweetpea Of all the flowers you could choose, the Sweetpea is probably the most fragrant. Bunches are delicate and dainty, and the gorgeous colors of lavender/purple, red/coral, and pink and white make this a great choice for any type of wedding. The average cost per bunch is around $8.


Assorted Lilies Lilies are one flower that comes in all types. You will find colors of cream, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. These beautiful flowers are ideal for informal or formal weddings and for a bunch of 10 stems; you would pay around $20.

Tulips always make great flowers for weddings. They come in a huge variety of species and colors of lavender, pink, purple, red, yellow, and white. Elegant and sophisticated, you can buy a bunch of 10 stems for around $15.

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