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Classic Style Wedding Flowers

Interestingly, as weddings have evolved over the years, many changes have occurred. For one, wedding gowns have transformed from huge, ornate designs to gowns that are simpler and more streamlined. Even veils and headpieces have changed from long and heavily embellished to simple wreaths or hair jewelry. Flowers too have transformed over the years to being elegant and simple.

When choosing flowers for your upcoming wedding, you will want to choose flowers that work best with the type of wedding. In most cses, you will find the most beautiful and inexpensive flowers in March and April although they are available throughout the year. The best option is to get a good idea of the type and colors you want and then determine the flowers from that.

A classic option is to choose roses wrapped in ribbon with exposed stems rather than a round bouquet. When you think of classic, remember this can be simple, elegant, and romantic instead of being overdone. Other flowers to remember include those for the bridal party, the boutonnieres for the groomsmen as well as the ring bearer and fathers/grandfathers. Then, you will need to choose corsages for the mothers/grandmothers as well as something simple but special for the flower girl.

Other flowers considered classic include those that will ordain the aisle, the front of the church, and of course, the wedding reception. No matter which type of flowers you choose, you want to plan a minimum of three to four months out from your wedding. This will ensure you get the exact flowers you want and at a fair price.

Additionally, remember that if you plan to order exotic flowers, you will need even more time since these will need to be ordered special. The same would be true with special fabric, ribbon, or lace that might need to be custom ordered. Another important thing to remember when choosing flowers is that you want colors and shapes that will photograph well. Some flowers simply fade so be sure you choose colors that look great at the wedding ceremony and in the photographs that will be looked at for life.

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