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One of the biggest decisions you will need to make for your wedding is the type of flowers to choose. Interestingly, most brides have a good idea of the type of flower or flowers they would like to have from a young woman but when the actual engagement comes and the planning begins, they change their minds. The reason is that they soon learn they have many more options than what they knew of and prices come into play.

For your wedding, the nice thing is that even if you are on a tight budget, you can still have an amazing array offlowers that will look rich and elegant. For example, you might choose flowers that are inexpensive and easy to find such as carnations and daisies but then incorporate a few of the more expensive flowers into the mix. Working with a good florist is so important in that he or she can take your dream and turn it into a reality without costing you a fortune. To give you some recommendations of what you might consider for your own wedding, we have put together a list of options.

Inexpensive and Easy to Find
  • Babys Breath Delicate, white flowers to mix with flowers

  • Bachelors Button Represents hope and comes in red, pink, blue, or white

  • Carnation Symbolizes love many and is available in a multitude of colors

  • Gardenia Represents joy, found in white/ivory, and has a wonderful fragrance

  • Gladiolus Represents sincerity and is available in a multitude of colors

  • Rose Symbolizes love and can be found in a multitude of colors and sizes

  • Stephanotis Represents happy marriage and is available in a delicate, white flower
Wintertime Flowers
  • Calla Lily Symbolizes purity and comes in white

  • Forget-Me-Not Represents remembrance is a wonderful blue

  • Holly Symbolizing domestic bliss, this plant is a deep green with bright, red berries, perfect for a holiday wedding

  • Ivy Symbolizes fidelity and since it is primarily green, it is a beautiful choice for mixing with colorful flowers

  • Orchid Represents beauty and the most common are available in pink, purple, and white although more elaborate choices can be found at a higher price

  • Tulip Represents perfect lover and is available in a multitude of colors
Springtime Weddings
  • Apple Blossom Available in white, this flower has a wonderful fragrance

  • Daffodil Symbolizes unity and is available in a buttery yellow

  • Geranium Also symbolizes unity and is available primarily in pink and red

  • Iris Represents in good health and is found in a multitude of colors

  • Lilac Means new love and this white or violet flower has a sweet fragrance

  • Larkspur Beautiful blue, brings a nice pop of color

  • Magnolia Represents love of nature and is found in white blossoms with a beautiful fragrance

  • Violet Symbolizes faithfulness and comes in a rich, deep purple
Summertime Weddings
  • Aster Symbolizes daintiness and comes in pink, rose, and white

  • Daisy Beautiful yellow or white colors that have a soft, romantic look

  • Peony Represents happy marriage and is available in magenta, pink, and white

  • Sweet Pea Available in a multitude of colors

  • Zinnia Symbolizes thinking of you and with colors of pink, orange, and red, this flower is very popular for weddings
Fall Flowers
  • Chrysanthemum Symbolizes good friend and comes in bright gold and red, as well as white

  • Dahlia With a wonderful array of color, this flower is ideal for fall weddings

  • Marigold Meaning sacred affection and is available in bright gold and red

  • Foliage and Leaves Represents wedded love and available in all shades of colors and sizes

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